Special Needs Aide Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: March 8, 2018


A special needs aide is someone who assists a special education teacher by managing children with assessed educational needs.

A cover letter for Special Needs Aide Resume plays a significant role in your hiring process.

While your resume highlights your experience, qualifications, and skills; a cover letter shows how your potential can be utilized efficiently in the role of Special Needs Aide.

It is essential to know ways to tailor your cover letter for a Special Needs Aide job – let the recruiter know how you can perform the tasks efficiently.


Special Needs Aide Cover Letter Example



9 Big Oak Drive
Florence, MS 33232

March 8, 2018

Mr. Edgar Albert
Kelseyville Unified School District
55 Sawyer Circle
Florence, MS 66252


Dear Mr. Albert:

With my proven ability to work with children with special needs, and the compassion and patience, I am confident that I can contribute significantly.

As mentioned in the enclosed resume, I had worked as a special needs aide for Rising Sun Institute for three years and know just what it requires from an individual. My interest in assisting children with special needs goes back a long way when I volunteered to work for the SOS Children’s Village in the year 2000.

Working in this capacity for this long time has made me understand the real care that is an absolute necessity in this line of work. I have a demonstrated ability to assist special children with daily tasks and provide them with interactive activities that support in making them agiler. I also possess skills in helping special education teachers by giving input when creating the syllabus and interactive programs.

The enclosed resume will provide you with more insight into what I can do in this capacity. I am confident that I can bring a huge difference in the lives of children by applying my modern and diverse skills of managing their special needs. I am available to talk during the day at (000) 141-7474 if you need further information regarding my qualifications.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.



Anna Laural

Enc. Resume