Mental Health Aide Resume Sample

Updated on: November 20, 2015

Old school resumes are out. The “now” employers look for resume types that have never been written before. It is a tall order but important to follow for job seekers who want to make a mark. Since a resume provides a peek into not just the candidate’s ability to perform the work expected of him but also his personality, it is imperative to make it obvious that you are “market-ready”.

For most employers, a candidate’s skills and qualifications hold the most meaning. Mental Health Aide Resumes must be oriented in a manner that they make these two things obvious to the hiring manager. You get the message across that you are a team-player, communicative and dedicated to your work, you get the job!

But not so easy! The resume for a mental health aide has to be built first. And here is how you can build yours:


Mental Health Aide Resume Sample


Charlie Dover

52 E 21st Street ● Covington ● KY 25632 ● (999) 999-9999 ● charliedover @ email . com


Performance Summary: Self-motivated, compassionate and positive individual with special interest in rehabilitating patients with debilitating mental illnesses. Adept at assisting with physical activities to ensure patient comfort and to maintain their dignity through physically distressing moments.

• Skilled in providing counseling to patients by adhering to set mental health programs
• Focused on developing traditional healing programs to assist patients in handling their mental disturbances
• Documented success in rehabilitating patients through different means including sports and recreation
• Hands-on experience in identifying the individual needs of patients in order to lay the groundwork for program development


• Counseling • Special needs • Program Implementation
• Treatment Assessment • Workshops Coordination • Proposal Preparation
• Funding Obtainment • Prevention Strategies • Case Management
• Risk Assessment • Substance Abuse • Confidential Record Keeping

UNIVERSAL HEALTH SERVICES, Covington, KY (5/2010 to Present)
Mental Health Aide
• Study each patient’s individualized care plan to determine course of action
• Assist in evaluating patients’ mental health and creating and implementing corresponding care plans
• Provide assistance to caregiver regarding behavioral interventions and support
• Counsel patients and their families to help them deal effectively with their illnesses
• Record and maintain patient information including vital signs, behavior and eating habits
• Assist patients with their daily needs while ensuring maintenance of their dignity
• Oversee the cleaning and disinfection of patients’ rooms and ensure that their surrounding are safe for them
• Provide routine physical, emotional and psychological care under the direction of medical staff
• Encourage patient participation in social and recreational activities
• Handle telephone calls, supplies and equipment inventory and records-keeping duties

Key Results and Accomplishments
• Successfully removed the taboo from the phrase “mental illness” by introducing the phrase “challenging” to describe patients’ situations
• Rehabilitated 65% of the patients under care through successful implementation of individualized care programs
• Held 5 educational workshops on substance abuse strategies as part of a mental health awareness campaign
• Acquired $1m funding to treat patients with substance abuse issues who cannot afford to handle the expenses

OUR CHALLENGES, Covington, KY (2/2009 to 5/2010)
• Engaged patients in conversation to determine the extent of mental illness
• Provided physical and emotional care according to set medical / mental health plans prescribed by the doctor
• Assisted patients with their personal needs including bathing, grooming and washing
• Ascertained that appropriate meals are being provided to each patient and encouraged them to partake them
• Created and maintained records of patients by following strict confidential protocols

Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Sciences