Machinist Cover Letter Sample [+8 Writing Tips]

Updated on: May 26, 2021

The purpose of a Machinist cover letter is to reach out to the employer and provide information on the candidate’s passion, skills, and qualifications.

Cover letters are considered professional correspondence and you have to be extremely careful when writing one. Using clear, direct language is important and provide specific examples of your skills and achievements where necessary. Do not use smiley faces and abbreviations.

It must be remembered that you have to write a cover letter even if the employer does not require it.

How to Write a Professional Cover Letter for Machinist Position?
  1. Keep your cover letter short and to the point – one page is sufficient.
  2. Address the letter directly to the hiring manager.
  3. Place content that reflects your skills and accomplishments based on the job description provided by the employer.
  4. Show that you want to work for that particular company by outlining your knowledge about the industry and the company.
  5. Make the letter employer-focused completely.
  6. Use terms and keywords that are meaningful to the employer.
  7. Be very specific about your experiences.
  8. Make your tone positive and upbeat and focus on what you can do for the employer.

The following cover letter sample is an example of how a cover letter should be written following everything stated above:

Sample Cover Letter for Machinist Position

May 26, 2021

Mr. Edward Cruz
Hiring Manager
ABC Company
6102 225th Avenue
Miller, SD 56987

Dear Mr. Cruz:

With 9+ years of machining experience, combined with my talent for process improvements, high ethical standards, and technology insight, I am applying for a Machinist position at ABC Company. My technical mind and passion will help me make a strong contribution to achieve your goals.

As the attached resume indicates, I am proficient in setting up, troubleshooting, and operating computer numerically controlled machines, machining centers, and related equipment. Moreover, I am able to perform multiple machining operations on various materials, as well as perform required dimensional and visual inspections.

Specifically, I offer the following qualifications:

  • Identifying and performing adjustments to equipment, machines, and devices following standard methods and procedures.
  • Demonstrated competence to set up, operate, and troubleshoot CNC lathes, CNC mills, and related equipment in a timely manner.
  • In-depth understanding of SPC and various measuring gages.
  • Profound ability to read blueprints, follow operating procedures, and complete required paperwork.

I look forward to meeting with you to answer any questions that you may have and to provide you with additional information regarding my qualifications for a machinist position with your company. I can be reached at (000) 222-2222 if you need to contact me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Franklin Cole
(000) 222-2222