Guest Service Agent Cover Letter Example

Updated on: July 12, 2019

A guest service agent administers the guests who reserve rooms at a hotel/motel or resort.

Their primary objective is to encourage each hotel guest to come again by providing exceptional customer service.


They perform their job at the front desk, front door, back office, and from time to time patrols the hallways of the hotel.

A cover letter for Guest Service Agent Resume is usually used to make a picture of a candidate – which is why it is imperative to write it well.

You need to answer one question in a Guest Service Agent cover letter; why should an employer hire you?

You can write a letter answering this question by just writing all your traits that are related to the customer and guest service job.



The following template of cover letter for guest service agent job will provide you a quick start in your job application process.


Guest Service Agent Cover Letter Sample


Robert Redford
201 Whites Road
Wilmington, VT 55534
(000) 514-9654

April 6, 2018

Ms. Alice Perez
Hiring Manager
Serenity Hotels
7 Macintosh Hill Road
Randolph, VT 66666



Dear Ms. Perez:

I am writing to express my interest in the vacant position of a Guest Service Agent that you advertised on your website last week. Since I have worked extensively in a similar capacity, I am quite confident that my skills will align well with the job description you have provided.

I am very skilled in performing the responsibilities of a Guest Service Agent. I am a results-oriented individual with excellent customer service skills and an energized professional presence which makes me successful in creating a good rapport with guests.

Some of my capabilities include; assuring that the front desk is ready to receive guests, reviewing arriving and departing guests, providing information about services to the guests and ensuring that all standards are met with where providing exceptional customer services is concerned.

Please refer to the enclosed resume that holds detailed information about my accomplishments and experiences in this field. I will call you next week to discuss the possibility of my joining your organization. I can be reached at contact numbers and email given on my resume.

Thank you for taking out the time to go through this application, and I look forward to seeing you in person.




Robert Redford

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