Car Rental Agent Job Description for Resume

Updated on: July 7, 2022
Position Overview

On the surface, it seems as if the work of a car rental agent is simply handling paperwork and handing over vehicles to clients.

In actuality, it is not as easy as this.

Working as a car rental agent means that you have to be highly analytic with a great ability to gauge clients’ requirements for automobile renting, and then ensure that these requirements are appropriately filled.

Required Qualifications

A high school diploma or a GED is usually sufficient to be considered eligible for the position of a car rental agent.

If you have had prior experience working at this position or a similar one, your candidature will of course become stronger.

In addition to basic education and some experience, it is imperative for car rental agents to be polite and communicative, as a major part of their work includes upselling services.

Skills Requirement

Good organization skills, the ability to proactively engage clients in conversation, deep insight into different vehicle makes and models, and exceptional skills in handling complaints and problems are just some of the attributes that you need to qualify for working as a car rental agent.

Job Description for Car Rental Agent Resume

• Greet clients as they arrive at the office and inquire into their purpose of visit

• Respond to clients’ questions and concerns regarding available vehicles for rent

• Show clients available vehicles and provide them with insight into the pros and cons of each

• Accompany clients in test drives and provide further insight into the features and benefits of renting the chosen vehicle

• Assist clients in deciding which vehicle to rent based on budget limitations and personal preferences

• Obtain client information such as name and contact says by assisting them in filling out forms

• Ascertain that all supporting information and documents are available at the time of client registration

• Provide clients with heads up about rental rules and regulations, including vehicle care and on-time returns policies

• Follow up on clients to determine if they have received good service and provide them with information on new vehicles added to the rental fleet

• Check returned vehicles to ensure that no damage has been done to either the exterior or interior of it

• Create and maintain reports of rental, issuance, and return of each vehicle, placing special focus on obvious wear and tear and repair and maintenance requirements