Car Rental Agent Cover Letter Sample

Updated February 19, 2017

What special technique did you use to write your car rental agent cover letter the last time around? There wasn’t one? Maybe that is why you failed to make an impression on the person reading it, and maybe that is why you haven’t received an interview call yet! Makes sense?

Cover letters are not something that you can contend with easily. They require a certain skills set where writing them is concerned. Start taking your cover letters as documents that will get you past the best scrutinizers, and you do not need to look back. But for them to be able to do justice to you, they have to be exceptionally well-written.

Writing a cover letter is not a problem if you understand its core function, which is to tell the hiring manager that you are the only person in the world who has the exact same capabilities as he wants. Here is how to do this:


Car Rental Agent Cover Letter Sample


54 Ave Brown
Flemington, NJ 05221

February 19, 2017

Mr. Frank Taylor
Human Resource Manager
Avis Car Rental
9874 Rant Road
Flemington, NJ 49632


Dear Mr. Taylor:

I have spent the last 6 years working as a car rental agent at one of the biggest rental concerns in Flemington – America’s Xpress Car Rental. During these years, I have come across many challenges which I have overcome and come out shining. For someone as customer service-oriented as I am, handling the front-end of a car rental service is a walk in the park.

I believe that it is not mere chance, but excellent luck on my part to have accidentally come across the job opening for a car rental agent position at Avis Car Rental. Assessing customers’ car rental requirements by engaging them in conversation, and then providing them with exactly what they require, is my niche. From handling rental paperwork to ensuring appropriate detailing on vehicles, I am familiar with all processes. Additionally, I possess demonstrated expertise in completing qualifications procedures prior to renting vehicles, and effectively selling programs and services to customers in an effort to maximize sales.

With exceptional insight into handling fleet inventory work, and proactively managing closed rental contracts, I am sure that you will be interested in what I have to say in a personal meeting with you. At the end of next week, I will contact your office to determine what time and date suits you for an interview.



Daisy Rye

(000) 745-7148