Insurance Advisor Key Skills and Abilities

Updated on: June 29, 2022

Where insurance advisors’ skills and abilities are concerned, it is imperative to highlight them in both resumes and cover letters.

This information will help the hiring managers in deciding what applicants are capable of doing.

Once you have a list of skills and abilities in front of you, it is easy to project yourself as a viable candidate for an insurance advisor position.

Here are some examples of key skills and abilities for an insurance advisor resume:

Insurance Advisor Key Skills and Abilities

• Track record of effectively reaching out to new, and existing customers to provide them with insurance coverage information.

• Skilled in developing core marketing strategies to promote all types of insurance contracts.

• Focused on determining clients’ specific coverage goals, and providing them with correlating solutions.

• Knowledge of developing productive relationships with clients in order to create a pool of prospects.

• Effectively able to work with clients to deliver risk management strategies.

• Deeply familiar with explaining insurance policy information to clients.

• Highly experienced in benefitting from referrals in order to generate most clients.

• Excellent ability to contact existing customers to check if the information is updated, and to verify policy renewal status.

• Particularly effective in assisting clients in filling out insurance forms, and auditing information.

• Adept at exceeding monthly targets, by ensuring implementation of excellent outreach activities.

• Proficient in developing a coordinated product plan by effectively calculating and quoting rates for immediate coverage.

• First-hand experience in completing coverage by delivering policies, and planning future follow-up visits.

• Hands-on experience in providing continuing services through the handling of direct deposit forms.

• Exceptional knowledge of providing death benefits by delivery proceeds, and reanalyzing clients’ needs.

• Proven record of handling clients’ objections to policy terms in sync with protocols.

• Unmatched ability to track and identify areas of improvement to reach company goals.

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