Digital Advisor Job Description for Resume

Updated September 21, 2018

Position Overview

A digital advisor is hired to take part in all aspects of digital communication activities such as planning and reviewing digital content for different departments within a company. Basically, the work of a digital advisor is to provide clients with information on how to do business in the digital world, and what benefits they can derive from it.

Digital Advisor Qualifications

To work as a digital advisor, one has to possess a degree in a mathematics, computer sciences, business, or a related field. Working in this role means that your analytic skills will be required on a daily basis, so an analytic mind along with the ability to think clearly is important.

A high level of digital skills, excellent communication abilities, adaptability to change, and the capability of working well under pressure is required as well. Along with this, it is important for digital advisors to understand critical business processes, and map out the information systems that will be needed to ensure clients’ digital transitions in a smooth manner. A digital advisor also provides marketing assistance – presenting, promoting, and selling products and services using solid agreements to both existing and new clients is something he or she has to do on a regular basis.

Familiarity with CRM practices, along with a solid ability to maintain relationship data are also areas that ones need to be proficient in when working as a digital advisor.

Digital Advisor Job Description for Resume

• Assist clients in reimagining and documenting their end to end digital transformation journeys.
• Engage with businesses via both digital and non-digital channels, aiming to build conversations, and satisfy clients’ requirements.
• Perform digital audits for small to medium-sized businesses, and handle reviews of their current digital channels.
• Create and develop an online community for businesses within the program which supports them in building upon their knowledge.
• Source and develop novel content in the form of images, videos, and infographics to be used within the service.
• Manage digital content in an effective manner by implementing knowledge of image optimization and content management systems.
• Perform needs analysis of existing and potential clients, and establish and maintain positive relationships with them.
• Reach out to client leads developed through cold calling and face to face canvassing activities.
• Work with system owners to understand technical details, and assist them in identifying their needs for a digital transformation.