Digital Advisor Cover Letter Sample

Updated September 19, 2019

Digital Advisor Cover Letter Page ImageWriting a Digital Advisor cover letter requires you to put the right type of information in the right way.

A hiring manager does not want to know how experienced you are, or what your education is when he or she picks up your cover letter. This information can be found in the attached resume.


Through the Digital Advisor cover letter, a hiring manager wants to know what it is that you are capable of doing, and how well you have done it in the past.

While Digital Advisor cover letters are about the future, you do need to articulate what you have done in a past capacity.

This information lets hiring managers zero in on your abilities and skills in a particular area.

Build upon what you have to offer to the hiring manager when writing a cover letter for a Digital Advisor resume.



Digital Advisor Cover Letter Example


Jake Lewis
(000) 524-9656
[email protected]

September 19, 2019

Mr. Chris Noah
Human Resource Manager
Digital Research Park
100 Fort Road
Stone Mountain, GA23011


Dear Mr. Noah:

As a technology-driven Digital Advisor, I am applying for a position at Digital Research Park.

Helping organizations transit from their non-digital states to digital ones is my niche, and I have been quite successful in performing this end of my work – along with mastering all others. 

My journey into digital advisement has been long and fulfilling. Possessing  expertise in guiding companies to create aspirational plans that formalize their digital visions is my forte. Moreover, I have a track record in developing trusted relationships with business leaders, aimed at helping them think about their businesses and clients in the context of digital possibilities.

Because of my analytic mind, I can identify clients’ digital transition requirements, and create correlating solutions to ensure that they are provided with what they require. Besides that, I am well-versed in assisting businesses throughout the transition process, making it as easy to navigate as possible.

I would like to meet with you in person and provide you with a detailed overview of my skills and abilities as a digital advisor. Please call me at (000) 524-9656 to set up an interview. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.




Jake Lewis
(000) 524-9656