Hotel Supervisor Cover Letter Sample and Guidance

Updated on: November 29, 2020
Overview and Guidelines

Doing justice to a cover letter for a hotel supervisor job may be difficult if you haven’t worked in the hospitality industry before. But if you have, it should be a cinch.

When you sit down to write a Hotel Supervisor cover letter in this situation, you will have to make sure that you know what you have in store for you.

As a hotel supervisor, you won’t have a cushy behind the desk job and you certainly won’t be sitting all day.

So it is best to write a cover letter that shows your ability to stand for long hours, leadership skills, and the ability to smile and exercise tact in the face of adversity.

It does not matter how you have been handling cover letters up till now – from now on, you must bring both diversity and relevance into your cover letter. Remember that the best cover letters are those that are “different” from their counterparts and have more than “I am a good fit for the job” tag attached to them.

Cover letters of “now” are written in a “complete” manner, detailing all relevant skills that you have and how you intend to make them useful for the employer.

Hotel Supervisor Cover Letter Example

542 Main Boulevard South
Nashville, TN 80124

November 29, 2020

Mr. James Brown
Manager of Human Resource
Qusel Nashville Resort
9020 Graybar Roas
Nashville, TN 85032

Dear Mr. Brown:

I am sending this letter and the attached resume as a job application for a Hotel Supervisor position at Qusel Nashville Resort.

The only way someone can possibly supervise a hotel properly is when they have a deep insight into hotel management policies and protocols. Not only have I got that expertise due to working first at a hotel front desk, and then eventually making my way up to a supervisory role in 10 years.

Through my experience as a hotel supervisor at The Hyatt, I have developed the following attributes which I believe will be of great interest to you:

  • Hands-on experience in creating and implementing staff schedules to ensure appropriate manning of all stations within a hotel.
  • Demonstrated ability to ensure that the front desk is functioning well at all times, with a special focus on customer services and repeat business opportunities.
  • Competent at handling complaints and irate guests by employing exceptional expertise in diffusing potentially “blow up” situations, while maintaining the dignity of the hotel and that of the guests.

At this point in time, I would like to meet with you and discuss how my qualifications and skills are on par with your requirements. I will be in touch with you after 6 working days to set up an interview time. Until then, please feel free to contact me at (000) 444-4444 if you have any questions or additional requirements.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


John Smith

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