Sample Hobbies and Interests to Put on a Resume

Updated on: January 6, 2023

There was a time when it was okay to write your interests and hobbies in a resume. Then the time changed, and suddenly, it was not considered such a great idea to do this.

Recently, resume requirements include that you write your interests and hobbies. Why?

Well, this is probably because prospective employers want to know what kind of an individual you are.

If you put in your hobbies and interests, there is a great chance that the hiring manager will be able to determine your personality. In the workplace, this is most important, as your ability to get along with people makes all the difference here.

The question now is what hobbies and interests must one put on a resume in order to stand out?

In the good news department, anything that you write as a hobby or an interest will be given due consideration.

Let us go through a few hobbies and interests that you can safely put into a resume:

Community Involvement

Not only will this show that you are a compassionate person, but it will also impress upon the hiring manager that you know how to work with people. Consider putting this into your resume when applying for a position that requires liaison with other individuals or groups.

Club Memberships

If you have a club membership where you indulge in a hobby, do not be shy in mentioning it. It could be a sport such as table tennis, or a society where you get together to help other community members or work for a cause.


Art is a great hobby. And it involves so much. Whether it is painting, sculpting, music, dancing, or even singing, you can put this as a hobby in your resume. It will show the hiring manager that you are a confident individual, and are talented in certain areas.


Now, you may have thought that this was not something that you can put into a resume. Well, why not!

Provide this as your hobby if you are applying for a game developer or game storyboard writer position. Imagine the plethora of information that the hiring manager will receive from this regarding your job suitability!


Yes, you can highlight your cooking hobby, especially if you are applying for a cook or chef position. The hiring manager will take one look at this, and make a mental note about your suitability for the job.

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