Church Administrator Job Description and Duties

Updated on: October 30, 2019
Position Overview

A church administrator’s work is not much different from that of one working in a business office.

The difference is that he or she works in a church environment, and might be required to do this work in accordance with church directives.


Education and Experience

Even though there aren’t many prerequisites to working as a church administrator, it is best if one holds a degree.

Prior experience in an administrative capacity will go a long way in making you an excellent person to hire. Also, your knowledge of administrative work as it relates to churches is important.

Skills and Abilities

To work as a church administrator, you must possess the ability to handle more than one task at a time. This means that your multitasking skills must be excellent.

And you must be a great communicator because you will need to keep in touch with members, and church staff as well.


The work of a church administrator is pretty straightforward. But before you venture to write your resume and Church Administrator cover letter, take a look at the following list of duties:


Church Administrator Job Description and Duties

• Work with pastors in order to determine the church’s goals and objectives

• Create and maintain church records and personnel files

• Ensure the integrity and confidentiality of church information

• Train office assistants and volunteers to work in a proper manner

• Create and distribute church bulletins and newsletters

• Update volunteer and employee handbooks

• Coordinate employee and volunteer work schedules

• Work closely with treasurers and bookkeepers in order to ensure proper use of funds

• Ensure that payrolls and employee benefits records are properly managed

• Prepare and implement church budgets in accordance with set procedures

• Deposit funds into church bank accounts

• Track and record church income from donations and sales

• Pay bills and maintain sufficient funds and cash flow for the church

• Manage church facilities by overseeing maintenance and security operations

• Maintain communications with parishioners and local community members

• Organize events such as weddings, funerals, and baptisms

• Track church attendance and maintain files

• Maintain pastors’ appointment calendars and provide follow-up

• Ensure the security and maintenance of church buildings and grounds

• Respond to questions asked by members in accordance with set protocols

• Implement administrative procedures and ensure volunteers and staff members abide by them

• Maintain and distribute schedules for fellowship snacks, bread runs, and ushers

• Maintain worship attendance records and prepare membership reports

• Purchase books and office supplies required to run church services

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