Tax Accountant Resume Sample, Job Description & Skills

Updated on: February 1, 2023

Tax accountants are hired in organizations where the need to file taxes is present – which probably means that all companies are their employers.

The work of a tax accountant includes filing federal, state, and local tax documents, and preparing tax provision schedules.

Their work is quite complicated in the sense that it requires the individual performing it to be exceptionally good with numbers and calculations, as any error may mean quite a catastrophe for the company.

The resume is the perfect way for a hiring manager to identify the best future employee. This means that each tax accountant resume that you write and present needs to be a perfect piece of art.

Take a look at the following resume sample to see how you can write your resume.

Sample Resume for Tax Accountant Position

Alexis Brandon
Seward, AK48373
(000) 999-5214
[email protected]


Highly efficient tax accountant with 11+  years of exposure to creating and implementing tax strategies to defer or eliminate tax payments. Well-versed in creating tax data collection systems, and completing required tax reporting promptly. Demonstrated ability to prepare and update tax provision schedules, negotiate with tax authorities over tax payment issues, and research and correct process errors.

• Strategy Development • Tax Filing
• Process Improvement • Audits Handling
• Research • Negotiation
• Reports Review • Documentation
• Tax Returns Evaluation • Reconciliation
• Tax Provision Analysis • Record-keeping

• Devised a unique tax payments tracking system, which proved to be 80% more efficient than the one already in place.
• Successfully implemented a series of tax strategies that aligned perfectly with the company’s business goals.
• Identified five ways in which tax savings could be managed, saving the company a significant amount of money.
• Forecasted tax predictions correctly, for seven years in a row, allowing the company to be prepared for tax payments.


Tax Accountant
Micro Focus, Seward, AK
2017 – Present
• Devise tax strategies, according to the specifics of the company’s business goals.
• Prepare and file corporate and individual income tax returns on a periodic basis.
• Assist in the calculation of consolidated income tax liabilities for periodic financial statements.
• Monitor and reconcile tax accrual accounts, on a monthly basis.
• Monitor tax rates continuously and ensure that they are updated in the company database.
• Proactively perform tax research, and monitor and implement new tax legislation.
• Advise management about the tax impact of corporate decisions, and provide required recommendations.
• Prepare resale exemption certificates, and provide timely responses to tax notifications.

Accounting Assistant
Red Robin Inc., Seward, AK
2012 – 2017
• Assisted tax accountants in gathering data for tax filing.
• Prepared tax payments, and provided support in estimating and tracking tax returns.
• Organized and updated the company’s tax database, upon instructions from the tax accountant.
• Prepared required paperwork for tax payments and returns.
• Ensured that all tax payments and related documents were filed confidentially.

Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting
Alaska State University, Seward, AK – 2006

Tax Accountant Duties & Responsibilities

Here is a list of job duties particular to the position of a tax accountant. You can use these job description statements to create the EXPERIENCE or WORK HISTORY section of your resume.

  • Create, develop, and implement tax strategies, aimed at deferring or eliminating tax payments.
  • Develop and implement well-placed tax collection systems, and complete tax reporting promptly.
  • Prepare tax provision schedules, and ensure that they are timely updated.
  • Coordinate audits, and update the company’s sales tax database, as and when tax rates change.
  • Identify tax-related issues and problems, and ensure that they are communicated to the management.
  • Prepare federal, corporate, and state income tax returns, and ensure that they are timely filed.
  • Perform tax and accounting research activities, and handle tax-supporting schedules, such as depreciation, and reconciliation.
  • Perform tax research and planning activities, and monitor and reconcile tax accrual accounts on a periodic basis.
  • Prepare periodic tax provision calculations, in accordance with federal and state laws.
  • Identify ways to save tax, and provide suggestions to increase profits.
  • Recommend tax strategies to the management, which align with the company’s business goals.

Tax Accountant Skills for Resume

You can use the following skills statements either in the SKILLS or QUALIFICATIONS section of your resume.

  • Demonstrated ability to prepare tax provision schedules by reviewing, developing, and consolidating provision schedules.
  • Effectively able to recommend tax strategies by performing well-placed research on federal, local, and state tax issues.
  • Highly skilled in preparing tax returns, and estimating and tracking tax returns on a regular basis.
  • Familiar with recommending core tax strategies, ensuring that they align with the company’s business goals.
  • Excellent skills in identifying tax savings, and suggesting ways to increase and consolidate profits.
  • Proficient in researching tax laws and regulations, aiming to ensure that loopholes and problems are dealt with appropriately.
  • Adept at reviewing corporate tax returns for accuracy and completeness, and implementing strategies to minimize corporate tax liability.
  • Proven ability to devise tax strategies to eliminate or defer tax payments, along with exceptional strengths in creating well-placed tax collection systems.
  • Solid track record of effectiveness, and successfully negotiating with tax authorities over tax payment issues.
  • Well-versed in advising management of the tax impact of corporate decisions and strategies.
  • Competent in coordinating outsourced tax preparation work, and ensuring that all tax entries are accurate and complete.