Chartered Accountant Resume Sample

Updated June 7, 2017


You do not need to be too worried about writing your resume for chartered accountant if you are aware of all your qualifications and accomplishments.

The only thing that you will need to do is put them into a logical format that agrees with the hiring manager.

The following resume sample will help you understand how to write a winning resume for chartered accountant position



Chartered Accountant Resume Sample



Lee Hanson

45 Fathers Pride Avenue | Las Vegas, NV 15582
(000) 497-5214 | leehanson @ email . com


12+ years’ track record of success providing strategical support to maximize profitability of the company. Demonstrated ability to liaise with businesses and provide well-place financial information and advice. First-hand experience in effectively reviewing the company’s systems and analyzing possible risk factors.

Worked in different busy settings including public, practice firms and industry and commerce arenas. Efficiently performed a series of strategized tests to check the financial information and systems of assigned departments. Ability to advise clients on tax planning and other tax-related issues associated with business acquisitions and mergers.


✓ System Reviews ✓ Risk Analysis ✓ Tax Handling
✓ Client Counseling ✓ Business Improvement ✓ Insolvency Assistance
✓ Fraud Prevention ✓ Irregularities Management ✓ Internal Audits
✓ Financial Planning ✓ Forecasting ✓ Terms Negotiation



Chartered Accountant
Secura, Las Vegas, NV | 7/2010 – Present
• Review and certify clients’ books of accounts and balance sheets to ensure conformance to financial standards
• Provide advice on complying with tax regulations and improving core business plans
• Put in place core financial plans and controls including introducing cash management policies
• Monitor, review and report on financial activities as both auditor and advisor
• Analyze risks posed to the company by reviewing the company’s systems and plans
• Perform key tests to determine if financial systems and information are properly placed
• Maintain accounting records and management information according to company policies
• Detect fraudulent activities and ensure that they are handled in a proficient manner

Selected Accomplishments & Results
✓ Prevented a large scale fraud from transpiring by recognizing signs of nefarious activities within the accounts department and taking immediate action
✓ Strategized business improvement plans, resulting in increased revenues through sales

Management Accountant
Lightstream Resources, Las Vegas, NV| 2/2005 – 7/2010
• Analyzed business performances and provided recommendations on methods to prevent problems
• Prepared financial data and statements such as profit and loss accounts, budgets and cash flows
• Ascertained that company spending was in line with approved budgets
• Recommended cost saving activities and effective strategies to improve business value
• Ascertained compliance of the company’s systems with established procedures and financial regulations

Selected Accomplishments & Results
✓ Successfully conducted a series of internal audits, resulting in streamlining financial controls within the company.
✓ Forecasted the need for merger to ensure business consistency, resulting in ease of transition during the merger time.

Nevada State University, Las Vegas, NV | 2003
Certified Chartered Accountant