Auto Mechanic Cover Letter

Updated on: April 7, 2019

Impressing hiring managers is becoming more and more difficult now as they expect much more from a candidate than they did a few years ago.

Living up to the expectations of a hiring manager has never been so difficult. But that is where your real mettle as a candidate is determined.


When you put auto mechanic skills and abilities in your cover letter, it works.

The language that you use and the manner in which you present information is critical.

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To see how you can make your cover letter a great read, have a look at the following sample:



Auto Mechanic Cover Letter Example


April 7, 2019

Mr. David Jones
Hiring Manager
Altaequip Autos
23 Up Road
Gresham, ID 09977


Dear Mr. Jones:

Trained in handling the mechanics of engines, engine units, and assemblies, I believe that hiring me as an auto mechanic at Altaequip Autos will be the right decision on your part.

Let me explain why. As an individual who has extensive experience in performing skilled mechanical work on a wide range of automobiles, I will get down to work immediately and will provide immediate results.

Some of the main areas of expertise include:

  • Inspecting vehicular computer and electronic systems
  • Conducting routine maintenance work
  • Scheduling maintenance activities
  • Repairing and replacing worn parts

My exposure to visually examining mechanical equipment to determine the nature and extent of damage, and provide necessary interventions are absolutely spot on with your requirements. Deep familiarity with repairing and servicing both manual and automatic transmissions, including clutch assemblies, differentials, and torque converters, I can offer much regarding work precision.

In addition, I possess excellent customer service skills, which make me the “go to” person for complex mechanical work that comes into the facility.

I would like to meet with you so that I can further elaborate on my abilities as a mechanic. I will contact you soon to arrange a mutually convenient meeting time.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.




Andrew Pierce

(000) 854-9654

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