Position Overview

An account associate is an individual hired to provide sales, marketing and logistical support to individual and corporate clients within an organization. Sometimes, they may be hired at the entry level – mostly, people with some experience are preferred for this job.

To work as an account associate, a bachelor’s degree in business administration is required. The ability to perform more than one duties at a time is imperative in this work. If you are a perfectionist, you may just be the right kind of person that an employer will look for to fulfill this position. Some knowledge of advertising and marketing is essential if you want to qualify to work at this position. Your communication skills will need to be excellent and you must be able to present information in an articulate manner.

Some personal attributes of working as an account associate include ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects, capability of retaining and dissemination information correctly, and being deadline-oriented. Working as an account associate is highly challenging – there is so much to do and all of it has to be done according to provided standards.

Here is a list of job duties that are particular to an account associate’s position:

Account Associate Duties and Responsibilities

• Maintain marketing and sales inventory for advertisements and assist with targeting and launching ad campaigns
• Create and maintain programs and advertisement campaign schedules and assist with tracking duties
• Develop media outreach programs and initiate liaison with external agencies
• Provide quality assurance for live advertisements by following strict QA protocols
• Identify and target opportunities to expand and improve company presence through visual merchandising
• Identify online issues that may create hindrances and implement data audits across all categories
• Track and communicate the status of items being setup to ensure that delivery deadlines are met
• Develop and implement best practices for internal and external account coordination work
• Draft press releases, pitch letters and media alerts aimed at the success of client campaigns
• Schedule and coordinate client meetings, compile meeting agenda and send updates to participants
• Interact with clients through email and telephones and ensure that records of all conversations are properly maintained
• Secure proactive publicity for client accounts and coordinate media activities requests
• Coordinate and distribute press materials and mass mailings for clients’ accounts
• Research industry trends and provide written feedback to the management
• Compile media audits and provide assistance at special events such as launches and corporate dinners