A cover letter accompanying your resume for the position of a Key Account Manager should not only speak of your experience in the field that is relevant to the job descriptions, but it should also showcase your selling skills. The purpose of this position is basically to maintain a good rapport among the company and its executive clients, therefore one must possess outstanding interpersonal skills to qualify as a Key account Manager. Strong interpersonal and communication skills must be reflected in your writing style.

Following is one sample of a cover letter for the position of Key Account Manager.


Key Account Manager Cover Letter Sample


Alexander Ken

218 Hemmingway Lane | Kansas, MO 64112| (022) 444.1111| alex.ken @ email . com

November 26, 2013

Mr. Kelvin Andrews
Hiring Manager
Blue Marble Brands
896 Oak Towers
Hackettstown, NJ 88087


Dear Mr. Andrews:

Going through job postings on indeed.com, I came across your company’s job advertisement for a Key Account Manager. Being an experienced Key Account Manager, in possession of all the required skills that you have mentioned in the advertisement, topped by some additional relevant qualifications, I hereby wish to apply for the above mentioned position.

As my resume demonstrates, my career being chalked out early during my life, I followed a very well planned path to earn a relevant degree in the field. With such passion and ownership of profession, I could bring a lot of positive energy and zeal to your organization.

Being a senior Key Account Manager for the last five years, I have gained a lot of experience in maintaining, reviving and generating new business connections with potential clients on behalf of the company I work for. With much polished and well tested skills of account management, I could take customer care at your firm to an altogether new level, which could be very beneficial in terms of enhanced revenue, since every company’s turnover rate is directly dependent on its’ customer satisfaction. Experienced in conducting customer satisfaction surveys, if hired, I would do the same for your firm, and suggest some very effective and fruitful production advancements, which could lead in much greater business prospects for Blue Marble Brands.

Considering that I possess all the skills, expertise, and knowledge required for this position by your firm, I will enthusiastically wait for an interview call from your side. I also intend to call in at your office later this week to ensure receipt of this cover letter and enclosed resume. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, I’ll be available at (022) 444-1111.



Alexander Ken

Encl. Resume