If you have been applying for an instructional aide position for some time without an interview call, may be its time to break the mold and reinvent your resume. Irrespective of the position you are applying for, resumes need to be retouched and updated from time to time these days.

Instructional Aide Resume Tips

• Be different and creative. Your resume is the only marketing tool you have for your candidacy. Make sure it is unique and expresses your actual worth.

• A great resume can be your ticket to the dream job you want! Instill enthusiasm and reflect your keenness for the job.

• Instead of writing what you can do, pen what you have been doing in capacity of an instructional aide. This can give an insight of your potential with proof.

Take a look at the following resume samples along with this Instructional Aide Cover Letter  in order to make your own resume. Furthermore this resume might also be used for the following job titles:

1. Exam Supervisor
2. Demonstrator
3. Discussion Group Leader
4. Graduate Assistant
5. Marker
6. Postdoctoral Fellow
7. Laboratory Assistant
8. Teaching Assistant


Instructional Aide Resume Sample 1 (For Experienced Candidates)


Lilly Mason

450 Fragrant Ave • Brooklyn , NY 76222 • (003) 222-4444 • lilly @ email . com


SUMMARY: Performance-driven educational paraprofessional with strong grasp on discipline maintenance and behavioral management. Intellectually aggressive in devising facilitative learning activities based on curriculum. Track record of improvising the prevalent instructional strategies with the aim of enhancing their effectiveness.

• Expert in student progress charting and PTM organization.
• Commendable ability to act as substitute teacher while following the lesson plan to book.
• Proficient in identifying and catering for the psychosocial needs of students.


– Curriculum Implementation– Lesson Planning– Emotional Development
– Activity Development– Teacher Assistance– Classroom Management
– Parent Communication– Progress Reporting– Record Keeping
– Homework Coordination– Attendance Record– Assignment Checking


Instructional Aide, 9/2011 to Present

• Maintain each student’s personal portfolio and progress charts
• Devise supportive learning activities to ensure proper concept building
• Schedule parent teacher meetings and remain in constant communication with the parents and teaching faculty regarding student’s progress.

Key Achievements

• Transformed the classroom in to a 21st century integrated skills classroom through proactive implementation of technological teaching aids.
• Enhanced the overall performance of students by 70 % through specially scheduled one to one tutoring sessions with students who needed extra time.
• Achieved the most supportive instructional aide award in 2012

Teacher’s Assistant, 3/2007 to 8/2011

• Assisted in lesson planning and delivery
• Effectively communicated homework assignment details to students and marked the same
• Updated all bulletin boards regularly
• Supervised the students in break hours and off time

Associate of Arts in Education
Major: Early Childhood Education

MS Office Applications, Social Media, Email


Instructional Aide Resume Sample 2 (Entry Level/Less Experience)


Sara Chris

333 Example Street, Houston TX 52144
(999)-456 7890, [Email Address here]

Objective: Seeking a position as an Instructional Aide with a AA College utilizing exceptional teaching skills to impart the knowledge in the best way.

Qualifications and Skills
• Excellent knowledge of working with adult audience in post secondary environment
• Able to deal effectively with multicultural student population
• Excellent time management, secretarial and multitasking skills
• Able to work successfully with mature students having learning disabilities
• Strong conflict resolution and problem solving skills
• Excellent communication skills
• Computer: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Power point

Work Experience

Texas Community School, Houston, TX | Summer 2014
Instructional Aide

• Provide personal care and assistance to students
• Maintained classroom equipment, records and students files to ensure timely availability
• Assisted licensed staff to teach students by applying lesson plans, directorial tests, and instructional activities and by teaching library skills
• Performed clerical duties associated to the instructional assignments to instruct students
• Observed individual students, playground and classroom activities to give safe and positive environment


Master of Science in Sociology | CITY UNIVERSITY, Houston, TX | (Ongoing)

BS in Sociology | CONCORDIA COLLEGE, Houston, TX | 2009