When making the skills section of your resume for bartending job, read the advertisement and  job descriptions carefully and underline relevant keywords to include in skills, attributes, abilities, and/or qualifications section of your resume. If an employer is looking for somebody who has hospitality skills, customer focused, innovative, punctual, and attentive to detail, use similar words in the skills/qualifications section of your resume.

Following are some sample qualifications and skills statements for a bartender resume. You may use 5 to 6 phrases either in the ‘Summary of Qualifications’  or ‘Skills’ section your resume which are most relevant to job description.


Sample Skills/Qualifications for Bartender Resume 

•  Competent at checking identification of customers to verify age requirements

• Skilled in cleaning glasses, utensils, and bar equipment

• Documented success in mixing, garnishing and serving drinks in keeping with employer’s specifications

• Proven ability to assess, anticipate and meet multiple guests’ requirements at high quality standards

• Hands-on experience in keeping the bar stocked and sanitized while always providing welcoming and caring service

• Able to adhere state and company standards for serving beverages

• Known for providing true hospitality and guest services

• Demonstrated ability to help guests in choosing menu items, taking orders and making guests feel taken care of throughout their visit

• Special talent for adapting to different personalities of guests and co-workers without losing attention

• Adept at balancing cash receipts, generating bills and collecting money for food/drinks served

• Bilingual: Proficient in English and Spanish

•Computer: POS System, Internet, Email