Position Overview A foster care worker is primarily responsible for placing children in foster families after ensuring their suitability to each other. The work of a foster care worker is certainly challenging as there is a lot of research and investigation to do before a placement can be made. In addition to this, one has […]

  At the time that you appear for an interview for a position that requires you to be compassionate and kind, you have to make sure that you show these two sides of your personality. Your resume and cover letter is actually quite sufficient to let the interviewer know about your work-related abilities. An interview […]

As far as a hiring committee of school is concerned, an elementary teacher is either skilled or not – there is no in-between. Since you do not want to be placed in the unskilled category, it makes sense to put in all your efforts to be placed in the skilled one – which is not […]

This year is expected to bring in a lot of challenges where resume writing is concerned. Let’s not kid ourselves – it is becoming more and more obvious that resume writing gets increasingly difficult as the years go by. Blame the competition. Since there isn’t much that one can do about it, let’s learn to […]

Each New Year brings in a lot of difficulties for job applicants who have to redo everything in their job application documents because the trends have changed. This can be quite frustrating for people who have followed a certain standard of writing resumes and cover letters for 365 days! But if trends have changed, you […]

No experience = no or little job opportunities – true or false? Definitely false! Yes, the good news is that you do not always need to have prior experience to be considered an eligible candidate. If this were so, no one without experience would be hired, and the world would soon run out of experienced […]

Many people erroneously believe that lack of experience is a bad thing. In actuality, employers look for people without experience (and preconceived notions) so that they can train them on their own conditions. An employee who is technically a clean slate is more conducive to learning the ropes than one who may have an inflexible […]