Treat interviews seriously because they really are serious businesses. You cannot champion an interview without preparation. If you do not go through the type of questions that you may be asked before appearing for an interview, you are giving others a chance to prove that they are better than you – even when they aren’t. […]

Having written a dozen cover letters in your career lifetime does not make you an expert cover letter writer. Come to think of it, no one is ever perfect at writing cover letters. Why? Because cover letter writing requirements keep changing, and it is often quite difficult to keep up with them. Many employers have […]

  A resume for project administrator position is a candidate’s reflection. Creating a positive reflection is important. When you write a resume, your main focus should be on what kind of an impression it makes on the person reading it. The first and foremost thing that an employer will look for in a resume is […]

Project administrators are specifically hired to provide administrative support to project managers, so that all assigned projects and modules can be handled effectively. They are responsible for managing budgets and expenditures, coordinating meetings, organizing events, tracking project statuses and ensuring that compliance regulations are met appropriately. Hiring a project administrator means that you are giving […]

In recent years, competition has become so fierce that employers strive hard to hire only the best people at each position within their organization. Skills count immensely. When a skilled prospective employee is compared with one whose skills will need to be developed, the former always wins the race, even if the latter has great […]

An interview that will be conducted to gauge how good a project administrator you are, may not be on the same lines as the one you were part of a few months ago. Understanding that each interview is different is the key to acing it. Prepare for each interview that you have to appear for, […]

  Resume – that dreaded word! How does one get comfortable in creating a resume when the mere thought of it is so uncomfortable? Well, one has to do what one has to do! And you do have to write a resume if you want to apply for a job. Train yourself to think beyond […]