Position Overview There are two sides to a medical biller and collector’s work – handling insurance and patient billing work, and ensuring that payments are collected and posted in a timely manner. Since a medical biller has to be in constant contact with insurance company representatives and patients, it is important for him or her […]

No one can deny the fact that mention of skills in a medical billing resume makes the document profound and a good read. While employers do want to know what your work experience has been, and how you much you contributed to the company, they also want to know how you managed to do it […]

An objective is the crowning glory of a resume. You cannot do without it as it creates the format of a resume. The fact that resume objectives are being forgotten and not replaced by equally usable information is alarming, as these pieces of information are what make a resume encouraging to read. Advice: never create […]

Position Overview Typically, it is the responsibility of a medical billing specialist to ensure that a medical facility’s billing work is done on time and in an accurate manner. These individuals are responsible for collecting, posting and managing account payments, and submitting claims to insurance companies. The basic idea behind hiring a medical billing specialist […]

  Resumes for medical billing specialist position in 2017 are not what they were back in 2007. A lot has changed in the last decade where employer expectations are concerned. More and more employers are now looking for a concise yet informative document that says much beyond the obvious. And here is a resume sample […]

A medical billing specialist resume may be enough to provide a prospective employer with information on what you have done in the past – and what your accomplishments are. However, it is never enough to impress the employer into hiring you, or calling you in for an interview because it doesn’t “talk” to him. A […]

No one likes being judged, yet all of us eagerly wait to be judged at interviews. Why? The answer is not difficult – because we want a career that will eventually define as a professional. You cannot get out of being judged if you want to bag a job. You have to let the interviewer […]