When you are applying for a position at the top of the organizational hierarchy, it is most important to articulate your skills in a resume – and the cover letter. For instance, if you are applying for a position as a hotel general manager, you will need to really convince a hiring manager that you […]

A hotel general manager is the end all and be all of a hotel. This means that he or she is responsible for ensuring that everything is in order, including operations and daily staff management activities. Since the general manager is usually at the top of the organizational hierarchy, he or she needs to be […]

Interview intensity is at an all-time high right now. Employers make sure that they ask you the toughest questions in the interview for hotel general manager position. These may include: • What is the one thing on your resume which is closest to a lie? • What are you feeling at this point in time? […]

  The main reason a hotel front office supervisor resume is considered tiresome to write is the fact that it has many sections in it that require equal attention. Since one cannot write in continuity, it may become a bit cumbersome to provide information in “patches”. However, this is how a resume is written and […]

One place where being shy isn’t going to get you anything is when you write a cover letter. For most of us, bragging about our abilities can be a bit of a strange thing. But it is necessary to do when writing a cover letter. Remember that the more articulate you are in one, the […]

A list of skills within a resume will make it more likely for you to be considered for hotel front office supervisor position. Why? Because a hiring manager will depend more on your skills than anything else to decide if he wants to hire you or not. A skills list in a resume does more […]

A hotel front office supervisor is hired to ensure that first tier services in a hospitality environment are carried out with appropriateness. This individual is responsible for the entire operations of the front desk, which includes guest greetings, reservations, check-ins and check-outs, and of course, payment procedures. While most hotels make sure that all people […]