Nowadays, trolling the job market with mediocre resumes is a horror. Things are getting trickier, with more and more hiring managers now looking for resumes that are targeted, and ones that stand out. Generic resumes are a complete no in this day and age. The minute a hiring manager comes across a generic one, that […]

Cover letters are basically direct requests for jobs – written in an indirect way. Writing a cover letter requires a little more than mediocre writing skills. If you feel that your writing skills aren’t too good, don’t be shy in asking for help. While online cover letter samples may help you out a little, you […]

Ask whoever you want to and you will get the same answer. Skills are essential to every type of work. What is more important is how you place them on your resume. Lack of skills (whether in a person or a resume) are complete turn offs for employers who seek skilled employees to minimize training […]

Overview A category manager is hired in a retail setting to handle one or more categories of products, aiming to meet or exceed projected budgets for top line sales. Usually, a category manager is a direct link between stores and vendors which is why it is essential that he or she is well-organized and aware […]

Reaching the interview stage means that you most definitely qualify for the job for which you spent countless hours preparing your resume and cover letter. But it certainly doesn’t mean that you have won the job title. A little more effort is required before you can sit at a desk and declare that you have […]

Open a resume well, and chances are that it will end well too. Writing an objective at the very beginning of your resume serves more than one purpose. Firstly, it gives the hiring manager a point of introduction to hold on to. Secondly, it provides him or her with a summary of your capabilities and […]

Nothing kills the efforts that you have aimed at bagging your dream job more than being complacent at the interview stage. Most of us seem to think that interviews are no problem since you have reached this stage. In actuality, the interview stage is the most difficult part of the job application process as this […]