Applying for a nanny job often requires a resume, and indeed, a resume always needs an attractive cover letter. You can easily write an excellent cover letter for nanny job with a little devotion and research, by following the guidelines and a samples below.

Nanny Cover Letter Tips

● Write your cover letter to a specific person: Address your nanny cover letter to the individual who has the authority to hire you. Do not make a single/generic cover letter to apply for all nanny jobs. If the name of employer is not given in advertisement you may call employer’s office to get one.

● Research about the prospective employer or agency: Do some some research to see who they are, what they are seeking in nanny and particularly what the specific tasks job involves. Shortly include pertinent details in your letter.

● Mention title and number of the position: Be sure to list the job number and name of the position in a nanny cover letter, for instance (Re: Nanny Position – ID 549)

● Use an appropriate salutation: Start writing the Nanny Cover Letter with Dear and last name of the employer.

● Relate yourself with the position: Write something that why you would be a good nanny. Give some details about your qualifications and previous experiences. Make the good connection between your childcare, cleaning, and errands skills and the employer requirements.

● End proactively: Request an interview to further discuss how you can assist the employer in child care and other duties. Mention your follow-up actions and your contact details. This is the call to action that encourages the employer to act.

● Closing salutation: Give a complimentary closing such as ‘Sincerely’. Leave a space of two to three lines to sign your name. Write “Enclosures” at the very end.

● Proofread: Review the letter for mistakes in content, spelling and grammar. You family or friends might work as a proofreader to make corrections for you.

The following cover letter samples are written by professionals to guide you how to write a good cover letter for Nanny Resume.

Nanny Cover Letter Sample 1


Anna Smith

95 Example Street, West Hollywood, CA 65214
(000) 999-7777, anna.smith @ email . com

February 8, 2015

Ms. Alina John,
65 West Street
West Hollywood, CA 65251

Re: Nanny Position (ID 7741)

Dear Ms. John:

If you are searching for a dedicated and loving Nanny with a verifiable track record, look no further. I offer an extensive experience in all facets of childcare, errands running and light housekeeping. My diverse and intense professional background would enable me to bring a significant difference to the upbringing of your children.

As you will see in the enclosed resume, I am very skilled in supervising and caring for children of all ages. This includes bathing, dressing and nourishing, setting up formulas and changing diapers. Moreover, I am well versed in managing children’s day-to-day activities, meals and rest periods. My knowledge to teach children in personal hygiene and social development would bring a positive change to the mental development of your kids. Besides a proven expertise in performing childcare tasks, I also possess strong interpersonal and communication skills and eager to run errands and perform light housekeeping tasks.

Furthermore, I possess first aid and CPR Certifications, a valid driver’s license and a reliable vehicle. My proficiency in using computers and home appliances differentiate me from the rest of candidates. The enclosed resume will provide you with further details regarding my experience, knowledge, and expertise.

As a nurturing and punctual nanny, I’d like to meet with you to discuss this position further. I will call you after one week, hopefully to arrange an interview. If you need to contact me, I will be available at (000) 999-7777 or via email at anna.smith @ email . com.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Anna Smith

Enc. Resume

Nanny Cover Letter Sample 2


February 8, 2015

Mr. Samuel Gibson
HR Manager
Sit Well Nanny Providers
566 Crimson Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90010


Dear Mr. Gibson:

Capitalizing on my success managing children of different ages, I am seeking a professional opportunity where my  experience and dedication can benefit one of your clients. As a dependable, caring and calm nanny who is also CPR certified and has full command over housekeeping tasks, I believe myself to be a strong candidate for the position.

A brief highlight of the skills and values I would be adding by joining your organization follows:

✔ Highly vigilant and alert professional with track record of ensuring the children’s physical safety.

✔ Competent at carrying out housekeeping tasks including meal preparation, cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping while caring for the children.

✔ Familiar with children’s age specific developmental, cognitive and psychosocial needs.

✔ Well-versed in assisting children with their home work and accompanying them to social visits.

✔ Expert in imparting self care skills and maintaining a hygienic and nurturing environment.

My resume is enclosed for your perusal. I would welcome an interview with you to further explore the merging of my competencies and experience with your needs. I will call your office next Friday to answer any queries you may have regarding my background and to confirm your interest in my candidacy.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you soon.



Stephanie Miles
(008) 444-5555

Attachment: Resume