Food and beverage assistants handle everyday operations of restaurants, business kitchens and other establishments that give food and beverage service to customers. They focus on maximizing the productivity of food and beverage operations and perform menu strategies and promotions to meet this goal.

A covering letter for Food and Beverage Assistant isn’t just a protective jacket for your CV: it’s an advertisement for it, in addition to you. Nevertheless, if you can’t sell yourself, you won’t be much fine to a company competing in today’s market.

Look at the following sample if you want to be stand out. Use this F&B Cover Letter to support your resume.


Food and Beverage Assistant Cover Letter – F&B


22 Example Street
London 6C9 6E2

October 13, 2013

Mr. Sara Chris
HR Manager
Red Carnation Hotels
229 Commonwealth Avenue
London DC7 UL8

Re: Food and Beverage Assistant (Position # 65999)

Dear Mr. Chris:

I am writing in response to your recent opening of Food and Beverage Assistant at Red Carnation Hotels. Your position demands the skills, abilities, and work ethic that I have developed during my previous jobs. An enthusiastic Food and Beverage Assistant with experience in hospitality and customer service, I am eager to leverage my skills and experience to contribute to your bottom line.

Based on my understanding of your position and your organization, here are some aspects of my background that seem most relevant to meet your needs:

✔ Demonstrated ability to ensure that all food and beverage products are served following the right standards
✔ Well versed in handling guests’ queries in a quick, friendly and efficient manner
✔ Able to anticipate guests needs while ensuring that service is provided beyond expectations

 Moreover, I have a flexible schedule and enjoy taking new challenge everyday. Above all, I am able to work outside the comfort zone to exceed the guests’ expectations.

As you are looking for a candidate who can adapt and contribute to your different hotel operations, I hope you will consider my credentials. I will call you next week for follow-up. In the interim, I can be contacted at [Your Contact #].

Thank you for your precious time and kind consideration.



Ana Brown

Enc. CV