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Psychology Practicum Cover Letter Sample

35 Example Street
Windsor, ON V8E 9C7

December 5, 2007

Dr. Jane Smith
Hiring Manager
St. Jones Rehabilitation Center
333 Example Drive
Windsor, ON S4D 7N3


Dear Dr. Smith:

I am writing to state my interest in a practicum position on the adult team at St. Jones Rehabilitation Center for the 2011-2012 academic year. My clinical interests focus on working with various adults with a variety of psychopathology and utilizing a range of cure modalities. I expect to carry on my clinical training at St. Jones Rehabilitation Center where I would have the chance to work with a group of top-quality experts who treat a varied client population.

At present, I am in my third year in Windsor University’s clinical psychology doctoral program. At the same time as studying at Windsor, I have obtained a mixture of clinical experience. I started my training by conducting academic and character assessments with adults. I continued with intellectual and emotional evaluation with children in my second-year appraisal practicum. This knowledge comprises providing view to parents and teachers. In my first year, I worked with individual undergraduates in psychotherapy with presenting issues ranging from college alteration to continual depression and individuality development. I am presently conducting couples treatment using an acceptance and change model. I consider that there are more than a few strengths of my training up until now. Primarily, it has allowable me to make use of diverse models and treatment modalities. Subsequently, I have been exposed to manifold theoretical frameworks from side to side my involvement in different research groups that has make my ability stronger to conceptualize cases from diverse perspectives. Third, as element of my coursework, I was exposed early on to the power of empirically-supported treatments.

I am mainly paying attention in working with adults inside both psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral frameworks. I have hunted opportunities to learn additional regarding every of these approaches but am energized about the potential to purify my clinical skills by working with clients in a setting where society mental health is done well. Your place has a long and imposing history of providing needs-sensitive mental health services to the various clients in the surrounding society. I am looking to enhance my clinical experience by treating a variety of psychopathology and by collaborating with brilliant mental health professionals. I am also keyed up regarding working in a hospital setting for the chance for improved learning through seminars, workshops, and exterior speakers. Additionally, I am involved to the potential for sole training experiences, for instance incorporating behavioral medicine and emotional testing into my work.

Overall, I am eager regarding your training program for the reason that it involves working with a varied population, being a part of an interdisciplinary treatment team, and for the reason that there is a wide variety of exclusive training opportunities obtainable. I would feel affection for to visiting your site and learn more regarding the center and your adult outpatient treatment. I can be contacted at [Email Address] or by phone at (229) 999-9999. I have enclosed my Resume and 3 letters of reference. Clinical writing samples are accessible upon request. Thank you beforehand for considering my application and I look forward to speaking with you.



[Your Name]

Enc. Resume