Wondering how to make your training coordinator resume stand out of the lot? The answer lies in an exceptional cover letter. Cover letter is nothing less than a marketing tool and must be utilized to the fullest. Below are some golden tips to follow in order to make your cover letter effective:

• Always address the letter by name to the concerned person.
• Make the beginning of the cover letter as interesting as possible, this is your best shot at keeping the employer hooked.
• Communicate what makes you an ideal candidate for the position.
• Arrange your text into short paragraphs and use proper spacing to avoid text crowding.
• Address three or four main demands of the employer regarding the position at hand.
• Close confidently and schedule an interview for yourself.


Training Coordinator Cover Letter Sample 1


October 8, 2014

Mr. Frank Sheldon
HR Manager
GE Corporate
930 Sphinx Ave
Omaha, NE 43002


Dear Mr. Sheldon:

Your position for training coordinator seems quite appealing since my background absolutely complements your requirements. Qualified as a vocational training coordinator and licensed to practice in Omaha I bring 6+ years of diverse experience in management of professional coaching.

In order to prove my candidacy, I’d like to draw your attention to my professional accomplishments:

✔ Pioneered in development of continued educational materials for professionals at varied levels and was highly commended and acknowledged for the same by the International Association of Professional Development IAPD.
✔ Evaluated the on-the-job training projects at LTC and updated the curriculum and content of workshops, enhancing the training efficiency by 60%.
✔ Conducted 35 workshops for training of newly hired employees effectively during the past year alone.
✔ Implemented a resourceful course evaluation mechanism that enabled the delegate’s feedback to directly reach the facilitators and speakers ensuring anonymity leading to more relevant and productive sessions.

My communication and interpersonal skills in combination with proficiency in various computer applications make me very good at what I do, i.e., training coordination, development of professional grooming programs and personnel counseling.

Accustomed to doing more with fewer resources I look forward to join your team in capacity of a training coordinator and be immediately productive. Feel free to call me at (003) 222- 3333 if you have any queries. I will be calling your secretary within 3 days to schedule an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Daniel Green

Attachment: Resume


Training Coordinator Cover Letter Sample 2


771 West Street
Middletown Springs, VT 45111

October 8, 2014

Ms. Elizabeth Cooper
Hiring Manager
Planned Parenting
22 Brosseau Road
Middletown Springs, VT 45622


Dear Mrs. Cooper:

Having worked in the health industry for almost a decade now, my interest in your advertisement for a Training Coordinator was piqued the minute I saw the listing for in on Craigslist. Having worked for the Family Health Center previously, I would like to impart my knowledge to the people attending sessions at Planned Parenting for which I enclose my resume herewith.

I have had the opportunity to work with diverse groups during my employment at the Family Health Center. I am highly skilled in providing training to people who are concerned about birth control, teen education and cancer screenings along with helping assist in women’s advocacy programs. Besides, I am an effective communicator and able to motivate others towards a particular idea while being supportive and understanding what their demands and needs are. In my previous employment I was responsible for identifying and assessing training needs, developing and researching training curriculum and planning training events and activities. My experience in this line of work extends to “training the trainer” as I have conducted several programs where I have had the opportunity to provide trainers with valuable information that they can add to their knowledge base.

I’d welcome the opportunity to become part of your dynamic team. Please feel free to contact me at 999-999-9999 if needed. Thank you for your time to review this application.



Forsyth P. Jones

Enc. Resume