If you are applying for the job of a training coordinator, you will need a good cover letter that will show the employer that you are in possession of all that you have made claims to in your resume. Here is a sample cover letter for Training Coordinator Resume that may help you write your very own.

Training Coordinator Cover Letter Sample

771 West Street
Middletown Springs, VT 45111

June 22, 2012

Ms. Elizabeth Cooper
Hiring Manager
Planned Parenting
22 Brosseau Road
Middletown Springs, VT 45622


Dear Mrs. Cooper:

Having worked in the health industry for almost a decade now, my interest in your advertisement for a Training Coordinator was piqued the minute I saw the listing for in on Craigslist. Having worked for the Family Health Center previously, I would like to impart my knowledge to the people attending sessions at Planned Parenting for which I enclose my resume herewith.

I have had the opportunity to work with diverse groups during my employment at the Family Health Center. I am highly skilled in providing training to people who are concerned about birth control, teen education and cancer screenings along with helping assist in women’s advocacy programs. Besides, I am an effective communicator and able to motivate others towards a particular idea while being supportive and understanding what their demands and needs are. In my previous employment I was responsible for identifying and assessing training needs, developing and researching training curriculum and planning training events and activities. My experience in this line of work extends to “training the trainer” as I have conducted several programs where I have had the opportunity to provide trainers with valuable information that they can add to their knowledge base.

Having said all this, I welcome the opportunity to become part of your dynamic team. Please feel free to contact me on 999-999-9999 if needed. Thank you for taking out the time to review this application.



Forsyth P. Jones

Enc. Resume