Job-hopping has become quite the norm in recent years; people look for better prospects and more interesting work to do and therefore, change jobs quite often. But every time we leave a job, we need to write a resignation letter which is not an easy task. Be Cautious: Typically, a resignation letter is nothing more […]

All of us have been through the difficult task of writing a resignation letter at least once in our lives. The uncertainty that comes with writing a letter of this nature is a great deterrent in writing a good one and leaving a last good impression. But uncertainty or not, a resignation letter has to be […]

Resigning graciously is nothing less than a talent. Not all of us end up leaving a job on good terms; but even if our reason to leave is not a pleasant one, we need to portray amiability. This is because it is important not to resign from an organization by leaving a bad taste in […]

Writing resignation letters is not fun; writing ones that require you to leave immediately is even less! But some circumstances dictate that we resign from a position on an immediate basis – illnesses and immediate joining at other work place are two of the most common reasons for employees resigning with immediate effect. While the […]

A well written resignation is very crucial if you are switching jobs. It enables you to leave the position with dignity while maintaining a professional relationship with your employer. The tone of a resignation letter needs to be polite and helpful. No matter what the resigning circumstances are, it is best to quit on good […]

Resigning from an organization needs many considerations such as providing notice, working through the notice period, employer’s reaction and a new job. All this can be quite overwhelming and intimidate when someone write a resignation letter. However, if you need to resign, there are no two ways. If you are resigning because of a health reason, […]

Both obtaining a job and leaving it can be riddled with difficulties if you don’t know how to go about it with professionalism. This is especially true of the time when you need to quit a job. Your reason for leaving however may make it a bit easier to write a resignation letter if you […]

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