Resigning from an organization needs many considerations such as providing notice, working through the notice period, employer’s reaction and a new job. All this can be quite overwhelming and intimidate when someone write a resignation letter. However, if you need to resign, there are no two ways. If you are resigning because of a health reason, […]

Both obtaining a job and leaving it can be riddled with difficulties if you don’t know how to go about it with professionalism. This is especially true of the time when you need to quit a job. Your reason for leaving however may make it a bit easier to write a resignation letter if you […]

Resigning from a position that you have held for some time can put you in an odd situation. You may be very attached to your workplace or the company’s policies might make it difficult to resign immediately. However, if there is a health reason due to which you have no choice but to give up […]

Truly a difficult task to do, attempting to write a resignation letter can put most of us in a dilemma. There is a certain manner that resignation letters need to be written – most professionals can get a bit intimidated when trying to put in all content that a letter of this nature should have. […]

Writing resignation letters is quite a challenging job; after all, you have worked at a particular place for some time and leaving amicably may be a difficult. This is especially true if you are providing your employer with a short notice. Many organizations have a four week resignation rule and expect their employees to abide […]

At some point in your career, you may need to resign from job due to family reasons. A family breakup, illness of a loved one, or a family relocation may cause you quit. In this scenario, it is highly advisable under to provide your employer with a letter of resignation defining the cause of resignation. […]

Businesses that work twenty four hours a day need staff that works that long too. Night auditors are hired to handle a hotel or motel’s bookkeeping and front desk needs during the nocturnal hours. The bookkeeping duties of a night auditor include verifying and balancing ledger entries in sync with room charges and services provided. […]

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