Companies ask for resignation letters as part of set protocol. If an employee intends to leave, they need to provide notice through a resignation letter in addition to detailing why they want to leave. The notice period in a resignation letter must coincide with the terms laid out in an employee’s contract or employment agreement. […]

As you write a letter to resign from your position as an optometrist, make sure that you provide one strong reason as opposed to many small ones. You may have had a great experience working in a facility and you do not want to leave with a bad taste in your employer’s mouth, so it […]

Handing in a resignation is difficult enough; sending an email to let your boss know that you will be leaving your job in 2 weeks is even more so. While most people believe that writing a resignation letter is the only way to provide your notice of your intent to leave, writing emails is as […]

A resignation is the last impression an employee leaves on his employer so it has to be a good one. But since employees do not always resign for a pleasant reason, leaving a good impression may not be the easiest thing to do. However, we must strive to do this if we want to obtain […]

Job-hopping has become quite the norm in recent years; people look for better prospects and more interesting work to do and therefore, change jobs quite often. But every time we leave a job, we need to write a resignation letter which is not an easy task. Be Cautious: Typically, a resignation letter is nothing more […]

All of us have been through the difficult task of writing a resignation letter at least once in our lives. The uncertainty that comes with writing a letter of this nature is a great deterrent in writing a good one and leaving a last good impression. But uncertainty or not, a resignation letter has to be […]

Resigning graciously is nothing less than a talent. Not all of us end up leaving a job on good terms; but even if our reason to leave is not a pleasant one, we need to portray amiability. This is because it is important not to resign from an organization by leaving a bad taste in […]

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