Overview Whether we love your existing job or positively despise it, writing a resignation letter for when we leave is one of the hardest things to do. We may not have had a great time working at an organization but there is always this affinity that we feel towards it when we leave. After all, […]

If you are unwell and cannot possibly work any longer, it is time to write a resignation letter with immediate effect. But writing one where you are not giving your employer a chance to hire and train someone before you leave is not easy. You may have signed an agreement stating that you will provide […]

A resignation letter is an important document – one that employers consider quite seriously when they prepare an employee’s leaving document and calculate their dues. And if you want both these to go smoothly, you have to make sure that your resignation letter is written in a way that is a little more than mere […]

Apart from bringing with it the usual troubles of packing and moving during relocation, it leaves uncertainty – especially where our workplace is concerned. There is work to wrap up and things to pack and finally, resignation letters to write. Whether it is you, your spouse or the rest of your family that has decided […]

Significant job offers that require an individual to relocate can have a major impact on his / her family. Often, offers that are difficult to refuse due to the remuneration involved or the opportunity to climb up the career ladder, are responsible for us making important decisions – such as that of leaving our own […]

Do you think it is alright not to write a resignation letter because you have already informed your supervisor about your illness and intent to leave? Wrong! Writing a resignation letter is important, even if you have already informed your boss verbally. A resignation letter is not just the right thing to do – it […]

Health issues at the workplace can really put us down, making it difficult to work optimally. If you are going through a serious health issue, you might consider resigning so that you can recuperate. Your resignation letter should spell out exactly what it is that is making you resign – a regular bout of flu […]

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