Sample Resignation Letter Due to Disrespect

Updated on: July 18, 2022

Writing a resignation letter – no matter what your reasons are – is never a very welcoming thing.

Leaving a workplace where you have made great friends and have learned so much is not easy.

But when the situation demands it, there is nothing that you can do but listen to it.

There can be many reasons for one to resign from a job.

If you feel that you need to climb up the career ladder, but your present place of work does not allow it, it is time to move on.

And if you feel that you have not been given your due respect and no one is doing anything about it, despite your calling for action, it is time to move on too.

Almost anything can become a reason to resign from your present position.

Once you decide that there is no way that you can spend another moment in the company, you should consider what to write in your resignation letter.

A resignation letter is your final goodbye to the company for which you are working. While your resignation letter should, in essence, highlight your innermost thoughts, it is seldom that people write completely honest ones, because doing so may mean leaving on a bad note. And this, in turn, means that you might not be given a great farewell.

So stick to the basics when writing a resignation letter, outlining only the gist of what your problem is. Here is a sample:

Resignation Letter Due to Disrespect Sample

854 West Street
Martinez, CA 25411

July 18, 2022

Mr. Lincoln Cord
Pearl Hosts Inc.
55 Otus Road
Martinez, CA 02100

Dear Mr. Cord:

Regretfully, I inform you of my decision to resign from my position as Administrative Assistant for Pearl Hosts Inc. As charted out in my contract, I am providing you with 14-days’ notice of my intention to leave. Please note that August 1 will be my last working day.

While I have spent a wonderful 6 years working for Pearl Hosts Inc, I am afraid that I cannot continue any longer. The fact that my work is constantly criticized by a colleague, and the authorities’ limitations in addressing the issue, is perhaps the reason behind this decision.

In fact, I do not want to condemn the way the human resources department is handling things as I understand how tiresome managing conflicts can be. However, this situation is adversely affecting my ability to concentrate on work, which may result in poor outcomes.

I would appreciate it if you would expedite my leaving documents and last salary as soon as possible, to ensure that this transition is made easy for both ends. I am grateful to you for giving me the chance to work here, and for providing me with an opportunity to develop my skills. I anticipate working with you soon, should circumstances favor us.


(Sign Here)
Ransom Riggs

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