Would you believe it if we told you that a cover letter written for an entry level position can be a great charmer? Believe it! Experience is a relative term and does not always count when applying for a job. Unless an employer specifically states that he or she is looking for someone experienced, it […]

Typically an entry level job, the work of a cashier working at Dollar Tree is quite straightforward, if not too simple. Stationed at any Dollar Store outlet, you will be required to provide exceptional customer services, while providing customer support and performing cashiering work. Working at this position will require you to possess a high […]

  Whether you are working for an industry giant or a small retail concern, how much you impress at an interview goes a long way in deciding if you will be hired. Making a positive impression during the interview is more important than anything else. It is not only how correctly you answer work-related questions […]

Position Overview A forecourt cashier typically works at a convenience store that may be part of a gas station. These individuals are basically hired to handle more than one kind of work. While cashiering may be their prime duty, they are also required to handle the front end of the work – pumping gas and […]

As an applicant, your main job when creating a food service resume is to impress the employer. An impressive resume takes a lot of time and effort – you cannot depend on ordinary to get you into the extraordinary league. So whenever you sit down to rehash or recreate your resume, make sure that you […]

Your entire career can depend on what you write in your cover letter. It is a myth that employers do not bother reading cover letters. The chances of a cover letter being read are perhaps more than that of a resume being read. Why? The cover letter is the first document that an employer picks […]

When you are working in a position where you have to do more than one thing, your skills are what makes things easy for you – and the employer. Your skills decide how well you can multitask. Employers like hiring people who have a diverse set of skills as they can get more value out […]