It does not matter which facility you are sending your cover letter for Mental Health Assistant Resume; research is very important. This type of research involves finding out what the organization has been doing and where it stands in the industry, and, of course finding out the name of the person you are addressing your cover letter to.

Remember, never send a Mental Health Assistant’s cover letter without addressing the hiring manager by  name, as it will seem that you have researched the company and spent enough time to prepare your job application.


Mental Health Assistant Cover Letter Sample


12 Some Hills Road
Nipomo, CA 82752

September 22, 2013

Ms. Annette White
Hiring Manager
We Care
1 Rome Place
Nipomo, CA 54343


Dear Ms. White:

Ms. Penelope Hall who works for the accounting department at We Care mentioned that there is a vacant position for a Mental Health Assistant at the facility. With hands on experience in this profession and a solid educational background to complement my experience, I deem myself a perfect fit for this job.

I am committed to help people to live a normal life. I strive hard to assist people with mental illnesses through my voluntary work at asylums and other facilities. Moreover, I have the tact and patience along with a positive attitude that would help me performing job duties effectively.

My core skills include; carrying out physical examination of patients to determine unusual behavior, recording this information for the doctor’s review and devising and implementing activities that help patients with distraction and interactivity.

Please refer to the enclosed resume which will further make evident why I consider myself a suitable candidate for this job. I will follow up on this application by calling your office after the weekend. If you need any additional information in the interim, I will be available at 111-999-9999.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Cindy Andrews

Enc. Resume