A technical writer is responsible for writing several types of technical and functional documents as required by the customer or employer. The majority of technical writers dedicate themselves to the specialty for example safety standards, IT, computers, vehicle maintenance manuals, or almost any other type of issue. Technical writers are dependable for taking the very difficult scenarios to recognize technical or computer language and convert it into simple to read and understand language for the end user group.

Following is the best cover letter sample for technical writing resume. You may get ideas from this sample to make your cover letter for technical writing position.


Technical Writer Cover Letter Sample


Anna Johnson
211 West Street
Atlantic City, NJ 32333
(000) 142-7545

May 6, 2016

Mr. John Doe
General Manager HR
NJ Water and Power Company
44 New Street
Atlantic City, NJ 32333

Re: Technical Writer Position

Dear Mr. Doe:

I would like to be considered for the technical writer position currently available at NJ Water and Power Company. I learned of this opportunity through your recent advertisement in the New York Times. Utilizing my Master’s degree in Information Technology and 2 years’ work experience as a technical writer, I would be able to create the best technical documents and manuals for your products.

Owing to my exceptional writing skills in English and Spanish, I am able to create perfect documents in both languages. I keep myself up-to-date with the modern software for publishing or writing technical projects. Also, I am well versed in researching and verifying information in appropriate manner. Above all, I am able to manage time efficiently and an ability to work under tight deadlines for work and revisions.

Based specifically on your needs, I offer the following expertise:

• Meeting with technical staff to discuss possible projects, finalizing timelines and discussing facts and information
• Researching and validating information to prepare manuals, brochures, and eBooks
• Writing the assigned tasks within fixed timeline
• Completing all revisions and amendments

With my creative and unique work style, I am confident that I am an excellent match for this position. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss more about your needs and my potential. I will give you a buzz on Thursday, expectantly to arrange a meeting time.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Anna Johnson

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