Tile Setter Resume Sample and Guidance

Updated on: August 13, 2021
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How to Write a Great Resume for Tile Setter Position?

There are many considerations that need to be taken into account when writing/updating a resume for a tile setter position.

The resume writing process can be long and arduous if you don’t know what makes resumes workable.

The focus of a tile setter resume should be on the employer. That is to say, employer-centered resumes win immediate interviews.

To see how this can be done, take a look at the following resume sample:

Sample Resume for Tile Setter Position

Frank Chowder
736 5th Street, Moundsville, WV 25699
(000) 999-1245
franchow @ email . com


6+ years of experience in cutting, shaping, and installing tiles to create decorative walls, murals, and floor designs. A dexterous individual who perfectly aligns tiles of different sizes using levels, squares, and straightedges and determines the best layout to achieve desired tile patterns. Proven ability to mark and measure surfaces in an accurate manner by following blueprints.

• Tile Shaping • Cost and Labor Estimation
• Mortar Mixing • Blueprints Comprehension
• Grouting and Sealing • Measuring Prowess
• Aesthetic Designing • Artistic Balance
• Minor Carpentry • Tile Finishing
• Remodeling • Renovation Support


Tile Setter
Midway Services, Moundsville, WV
2013 – Present
• Remodel an entire 4 story building by installing new tiles in every room, within the provided deadline of 32 days
• Shape tile fixing into an 8 feet mural depicting the Aztec Civilization, for a school project
• Train 19 apprentices in handling tile and marble setting duties, within a short time span of 28 months
• Confer with clients to determine their tile setting and designing requirements
• Provide information regarding available tile designs and associated costs
• Assess the amount of labor and material needed for each tiling project
• Contact tile vendors to determine the availability of tiles and assist clients in choosing the right types of tiles
• Cut and shape tiles to fit obstacles and in odd spaces by making effective use of hand and power tools
• Set tiles in patterns or in a straightforward manner, depending on the specific instruction of the client

Tile Setter 
City Construction Company, Moundsville, WV
2011 – 2013
• Implemented a measuring system that provided 100% accuracy in cutting large pieces of tile and marble
• Prepared surfaces by attaching lath and waterproof paper and applying cement bases
• Mixed and applied mortar, cement, and glue to form a bed of tiles
• Measured and marked services where tiles need to be installed
• Cut, polished, and installed marble and tiles according to space availability
• Applied mortar, cement, or glue to set tiles in place by using spreaders and levelers
• Removed old tiles and grout by using chisels and scrapers and prepare surfaces for new tile installations

Construction Apprentice
American Technologies, Moundsville, WV
2010 – 2011
• Measured areas where tiles needed to be fitted and provided an estimate for tiles acquisition
• Assisted in cutting and shaping tiles to fit around obstacles and in difficult to reach places
• Mixed mortar and cement and ensured that it was properly applied to fix tiles and marble slabs in place
• Applied sealants to set tiles into place and ensured that any buffing requirements were fulfilled
• Cleaned and cleared work areas by removing trash and debris and endured that any old tiles, grout, cement or sealant remnants were removed properly

High School Diploma | 2009
Moundsville High School, Moundsville, WV

Tile Cutting Training (Company Sponsored) | 2012

OSHA 10 Safety Training (Company Sponsored) | 2012