6 Satellite Installer Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: February 11, 2022

An interview for a satellite installer position is never designed to be easy on the candidate.

Essentially, an interview determines how well a candidate handles pressure when being placed in certain positions.

If you have it in you, you’re in. If not, you may have to start all over again.

Here are the interview questions and answers set that you can take help from:

Satellite Installer Interview Questions and Answers

1. How are you qualified to work as a satellite installer for our company?

I have learned from the best. After rigorous training spanning 13 months, I believe that I know most of what there is to know about satellite installation. Of course, one never stops learning and I am open to further exposure in this field.

2. What does customer satisfaction mean to you?

For me, customer satisfaction is extremely important. A satisfied customer means two things – repeat business and referrals. And both are extremely important for any organization.

3. What are your duties on any typical day at work?

The first thing I do is confer with customers to determine their specific requirements for installing satellite services. I then perform a site survey, provide cost estimates and obtain permission to begin working. Then comes the technical part of laying network cables and mounting dishes and antennas.

4. Recount a time when your troubleshooting skills came into play?

I was once called upon to provide insight into an issue that a customer was facing. His reception was bad even though another technician had recently fixed it. Oddly enough, the problem kept returning and almost all technicians had given up on it – one had ever provided the customer with a quote for a new installation, deeming the old dish corrupt. However, when I looked at the problem, I could not see any problem with the dish or cable network. When I went inside the customer’s apartment to have a look around, I discovered a little boy toying with the remote. I watched him play and he soon pressed a button on the remote control that basically did a reboot. It so happened that the child kept messing up the reception while the parents weren’t around and causing them a lot of grief!

5. What is your experience as far as industrial and commercial satellite installation is concerned?

I have been actively involved in designing, constructing, and installing industrial satellite dishes. Since one has to work along with engineers and other technicians, I have worked extensively in a team environment. Repairing and troubleshooting such equipment and cabling network is my niche.

6. On a scale of one to ten, where do you rate yourself as far as teamwork is concerned?

I work very well with other people. Since working at this position means that you do not work solo. I rate myself at a 10 – I am flexible when it comes to professional relationships.