Satellite Installer Job Description for Resume

Updated on: February 12, 2022

The hundreds of channels that you flip, endeavoring to find the most suitable program on television, is all thanks to the satellite installer who installed your service.

Satellite installers are hired primarily to provide customers with assistance in choosing their services, and then installing and maintaining it for them.

As a satellite installer, it is your job to make sure that customers get uninterrupted satellite services at all times.

Working as a satellite installer means that you will be working outdoors most of the time.

This is why you will have to be physically dexterous, and be able to work in harsh weather conditions, including scorching heat and numbing cold.

If you are the type who does not like sitting behind a desk and are great with cables and installation work, this may be the work for you.

To be considered eligible for this position, you do not need more than a high school diploma or a GED.

However, you will need to be exceptionally good with your hands and possess excellent customer service skills.

An apprenticeship or some sort of training in this regard is important for you to be able to work properly in this position. A lot of the training is done on the job, so most people learn as they go.

Here is a list of duties that one has to perform while working as a satellite installer:

Job Description for Satellite Installer Resume

• Confer with customers to determine their specific requirements for dish TV installation and repairs.
• Provide quotes for specific installation and maintenance services.
• Perform site inspections to determine the layout of a satellite installation project.
• Perform cleaning activities by removing obstructive objects from the site in a bid to make it ready for project layout.
• Choose the right length and type of cable required for each satellite installation project.
• Obtain cables, equipment, and tools from storage areas and ensure that appropriate documentation is managed.
• Replace damaged equipment and reposition dish antennas to ensure optimal and clear reception.
• Troubleshoot existing problems with reception and service and provide immediate solutions.
• Plan cable networks in an efficient manner to ensure that cables are properly and safely installed.
• Check signal strength levels by using designated tools and equipment and handle attenuation problems according to the procedure.
• Test satellite equipment to ensure that it is in proper working condition and install wall mounts to place dishes and antennas.
• Instruct customers on how to use receiver boxes and fix minor issues with the satellite system.