Sailor Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: November 7, 2019

Working as a sailor is a great way of seeing the world, coast to coast. But the hard work associated with it cannot be overlooked.

That is why hiring managers like to see cover letters which show that applicants are ready to do the job.


When applying for a sailor position, make sure that your cover letter says a lot about you as a potential employee.

Previous experience and knowledge and skills learned from it is vital to place in the cover letter.

Technically, you should focus on your ability to assist passengers board and disembark from marine vessels.

Also, the cover letter should include information about your ability to handle emergencies. Your priorities as a sailor must also be mentioned in the cover letter.


If you are having trouble determining what to write in your sailor cover letter, you may refer to the following sample:


Sailor Cover Letter Example


Gregory Tudor
(000) 582-4957
[email protected]

November 7, 2019

Mr. Glade Hanson
Human Resources Manager
Marine Patrollers
194 Fair Road
Bluefield, WV 49028


Dear Mr. Hanson:

As a hardworking and driven Salior, I am eager to contribute to the success of Marine Patrollers. With the ability to create positive energy, excitement and fun, I will be a great addition to your team.

Here is what I have to offer in a sailor position:

• Demonstrated ability to ensure safe vessel operations by following established procedures.

• Effectively able to maintain vessels by performing cleaning, sanding, and repairing work.

• Knowledge of standing watch on a shift basis, and handling engine check duties.

• Exceptionally talented in preparing vessels for the sea, by stowing and securing items properly.

• Proven ability to greet passengers, and assist them with onboarding processes.

• Solid track record of recording and maintaining passenger lists.

In addition to the information that I have provided here, I am well-versed in areas such as lifeboat maintenance, ship steering, standing watch, and recording pressure and temperature data.

It would be a great pleasure to meet with you in person to further elaborate on my suitability for a sailor position at Marine Patrollers. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to learning more about this exciting opportunity.




Gregory Tudor
(000) 582-4957

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