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Updated on: November 21, 2023
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Crafting a winning personal support worker (PSW) resume can be a daunting task, especially when you’re just starting your career journey. However, fear not! Our expertly designed sample and useful tips will help you showcase your skills, passion, and potential as a PSW candidate, even without prior experience.

In this guide, we will provide you with a step-by-step walkthrough on how to structure and tailor your resume to impress potential employers.

Whether you recently completed your PSW training program, possess relevant transferrable skills, or are looking to start a fulfilling career as a Personal Support Worker from scratch, our sample resume will serve as your compass.

The lack of direct experience should never discourage you from pursuing your dreams. Through our guidelines, you’ll discover how to emphasize your personal qualities, dedication, and eagerness to learn, making a compelling case as a capable and compassionate PSW professional.

Keep in mind that this sample resume is customizable and adaptable to your unique background and aspirations.

Let’s get started on creating your remarkable PSW resume without experience!

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Sample Entry-Level Personal Support Worker Resume With No Experience

Rose Porter
Sumter, SC
(000) 254-8585
rose.port @email .com


Compassionate and self-motivated personal support worker with strong insight into delivering excellent care. Bringing the passion to assist residents by providing them with emotional and physical support while respecting their individuality and dignity. Able to work under pressure in a team-oriented environment. Bilingual: English/Spanish.


  1. Proficient in providing personal and practical support to residents with a wide range of illnesses and disabilities.
  2. Highly familiar with providing assistance with mobility, incontinence, and hygiene management.
  3. Adept at promoting mental and physical activities by engaging them in conversation and encouraging them to participate in recreational activities.
  4. Able to provide support and education to patients and families regarding home care and assistance.

High School Diploma 
Sumter High School, Sumter, SC

Certified Personal Support Worker – 2023


Sunrise Senior Living, Sumter, SC
Feb 2023 – Nov 2023

  • Determined the residents’ conditions by studying their files and developed plans to assist them.
  • Provided support in maintaining personal hygiene by helping with bathing, dressing, and toileting.
  • Ensured that rooms were kept clean and sanitized.
  • Prepared healthy food items, according to each resident’s individual health and nutrition needs and helped them take their meals.
  • Provided emotional support by listening to grievances and providing counseling and support.

– Personal Care – Recreational Support
– Counseling – Special Aids Support
– Resident Safety – Speech Therapy
– Adult Life Enrichment – Household Assistance
– Behavior Monitoring – Communication

Excellent professional references are available

How to Write a Resume for a Personal Support Worker With No Experience?

Writing an entry-level personal support worker (PSW) resume without prior experience may seem challenging, but with the right approach, you can still create an impressive resume that highlights your skills, knowledge, and potential. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you:

1. Start with a Strong Objective:

Begin your resume with a compelling objective statement. Describe your passion for assisting residents, your dedication to providing excellent care, and your eagerness to learn and grow in the PSW profession. Emphasize any relevant transferrable skills or personal qualities that make you a suitable candidate for the role.

2. Highlight Key Skills:

In the highlights section, showcase the skills that are essential for a PSW. Include skills related to personal care, practical support, recreation, resident safety, communication, and any relevant therapy or counseling skills. Even if you don’t have direct experience, mention any instances where you have demonstrated these skills in other contexts, such as volunteer work, internships, or personal situations.

3. Education Section:

List your educational background, starting with your highest level of education. Include the name of the school, location, and the diploma or degree earned. Even though you may not have specific PSW training, mention any relevant courses or certifications that you have completed or are currently pursuing, such as first aid or CPR certification.

4. Customize Your Resume:

Tailor your resume to the specific requirements of the job you’re applying for. Research the organization and the role of a PSW, and align your resume accordingly. Use keywords and phrases from the job description to demonstrate your suitability for the position. Focus on transferrable skills and qualities that make you a valuable asset to the organization.

5. Volunteer Experience:

If you have volunteered in a setting that involved caring for others, include it in your resume. Highlight your responsibilities, the skills you developed, and any positive outcomes you achieved. This volunteer experience will show your commitment to helping others and your ability to work in a team-oriented environment.

6. References:

Mention that excellent professional references are available upon request. This indicates your willingness to provide references if needed and adds credibility to your application.

Remember to proofread your resume for any errors or typos. A well-written and error-free entry level PSW resume will make a positive impression on potential employers.


Even without prior experience, you can create an impressive personal support worker (PSW) resume by highlighting your skills, passion, and dedication to providing care. Tailor your resume to emphasize relevant education, certifications, and transferable skills. Don’t forget to showcase any volunteer work or relevant experiences, and include references upon request. With a well-crafted resume, you can demonstrate your potential and suitability for the role of a PSW, regardless of your lack of previous experience.

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