Packaging Worker Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 6, 2019

Your role as a packaging worker will require you to write an exceptional cover letter.

Everything that you are capable of doing in a packaging capacity has to be a part of the cover letter.


One of the most important things that you need to write in your cover letter for a packaging worker position is your ability to choose the right packing material.

Since you will probably be working in manufacturing capacity, it won’t hurt if you mention a little about your knowledge of goods manufacturing and storage methods.

It is best if you can effectively convince the hiring manager that you are the best to hire because of your packaging skills.



If you’re interested in knowing how to go about writing a cover letter for a packaging worker position, keep reading!

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Packaging Worker Cover Letter Sample


September 6, 2019

Mr. Charles Harrison
Human Resources Manager
Great Manufacturing Co.
955 Teal Lane
Savannah, GA 14567


Dear Mr. Harrison:

As a practive and committed Packaging Worker, I am applying for a challenging role at Great Manufacturing Co. It has been 6+ years since I started working as a packaging worker. Since then, I have handled many tasks associated with packaging and labeling, which is why I believe that I am the best person to hire. 

Particularly, I am qualified to determine the right packaging materials for each item, in accordance with its properties such as height, weight, and fragility. I can effectively wrap items in bubble wraps or other materials in order to ensure that they remain safe during transit.

Following protocol to label and mark packed goods with the right item and batch numbers is also an area of expertise. Moreover, I am highly skilled in identifying and disposing of inconsistent goods and can effectively keep accurate records of materials and tools used in packing work. Also, I am well-versed in effectively and safely using packaging material such as glues, tapes, nails, and padding. Furthermore, I am talented in ensuring the safe transit of packed and labeled items to shipping areas.

In view of my skills and expertise as a packaging worker, I believe that I am indeed the right person. To further discuss this, I will contact your office after five days to arrange a meeting time. Until then, please feel free to call me at (000) 080-7525.

Thank you for considering me as a candidate for the Packaging Worker position at Great Manufacturing Co.




William Bates

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