Furniture Mover Resume Sample

Updated on: March 6, 2019

A resume for this position will require you to highlight your skills in many areas.

These will include knowledge of wrapping items, and the ability to handle physically challenging work.

Apart from skills, a furniture mover’s resume must possess information of past experience in this role.

Your achievements such as timely deliveries and happy customers must be highlighted.

In addition, the structure of your resume should be well-developed.

If you want the recruiter to take notice, you have to write a navigable and interesting resume.

Here is a sample:


Furniture Mover Resume Sample


Azlan Picker
128 Rock Road SE, Nantucket, MA77917
(000) 999-9999


A physically dexterous and strong individual, with demonstrated expertise in moving furniture. Highly experienced in packing items carefully. Ability to effectively communicate with new and existing customers.




Safe Stacking

Equipment Use

Package Safety

DMS Safety Regulations

Shipment Assistance


Customer Services

Damage Prevention

Inventory Handling

Vehicle Maintenance

• Successfully made 12 deliveries in a day, hence, reached assigned weekly delivery goals.
• Increased destination accuracy by 90%, by introducing a GPS navigation system.
• Improved ties with existing customers, as a result, ensured repeat business opportunities.
• Implemented a safe stacking system, thereby, increasing the safety of loaded items.


Furniture Mover
Shakers and Movers, Nantucket, MA                2013-present
• Engage customers in conversation in order to determine their moving requirements.
• Check furniture and other items that need to be moved.
• Provide customers with cost estimates.
• Choose the right types of packing materials for each item.
• Wrap and pack items according to specified instructions.
• Dismantle items such as beds and tables to wrap and pack them individually.
• Transport items to delivery trucks.
• Use equipment such as dollies and forklifts to transport heavy objects.
• Stack items inside trucks in a safe manner.
• Secure each item by strapping it properly.
• Provide support to truck drivers, for example, handling navigation.
• Confer with clients in order to determine to drop off sites.
• Unload items from trucks.
• Place items in customers’ rooms or offices.
• Obtain payments for services rendered.
• Contact dispatchers to provide them with delivery information and status.

Driver Helper
Furniture Moving Services Inc., Nantucket, MA          2009-2013
• Set GPS in order to obtain destination information.
• Loaded and unloaded trucks.
• Ensured that items were securely placed inside delivery trucks.
• Assisted in cleaning and maintaining vehicles after use.
• Maintained liaison with the office to provide delivery status information.

High School Diploma
Rockville High School, Nantucket, MA

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