Golf Course Maintenance Worker Resume Sample

Updated on: August 12, 2021

Finding the perfect resume sample to suit your needs is very difficult.

If you want your resume to be perfect, you need to spend time and effort creating it. There are no shortcuts.

Make yourself aware of the different qualities through which you can contribute to an organization.

Placing them under relevant headings within a resume format will automatically generate a resume that says a lot about your candidature.

To help you, here is a golf course maintenance worker resume sample that you can use to build your resume:

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Golf Course Maintenance Worker Resume Example

Gregory Pitt
357 Chestnut Drive, Lindsborg, KS 22020
(000) 121-4141
gregpitt @ email . com


A physically dexterous individual with a strong background in horticulture and grounds maintenance, and providing a pleasant outdoor environment to golfers. Highly experienced in cutting grass and trimming weeds by using both hand and power mowers. 

• Shaping golf courses in an aesthetic manner by following ground plans perfectly
• Maintaining fairways and adjacent golf course properties to ensure a visually aesthetic appeal
• Performing preventative maintenance on golf courses and associates buildings on a regular basis


Equipment OperationFields AeratingTurf Installment
Grounds InspectionPesticide HandlingDisease Control

• Successfully fashioned a mini-golf course as part of a children’s theme park.
• Averted a potentially devastating pest attack that could have ravaged the entire golf course by recognizing the problem on time and taking measures to control it.
• Introduced the concept of a smart sprinkler system, reducing the time to water the entire course by 70%.
• Implemented a field aerating system which significantly improved the quality of soil on which a new golf course was being planned.


Golf Course Maintenance Worker
Whistling Straits, Lindsborg, KS
(6/2017 – Present)
• Discuss golf course maintenance and planting plans with managers to determine aesthetic outlooks
• Confer with gardeners and other maintenance staff to plan planting and maintenance activities
• Indulge in grass cutting and weeding duties by using both hand and power mowers
• Plant grass, trees, shrubs, and flowers according to instructions dictated by master plans
• Pull weeds around flower beds, bushes, and trees to create and maintain the look of the golf course

Maintenance Worker 
AA Golf Course, Lindsborg, KS
(5/2007 – 6/2017)
• Cleaned grounds by performing raking and sweeping duties several times in a day
• Performed preventative maintenance on golf courses and equipment used to maintain them
• Applied fertilizers and pesticides in a bid to help plants and trees grow and to save them from potential harm
• Shaped the golf area according to the specification provided in blueprints by performing detailed gardening and grounds-keeping work

Bretton Recreation Center, Lindsborg, KS
(1/2005 – 5/2007)
• Cleaned grounds by performing sweeping and raking duties
• Collected debris and garbage and ensured that they were properly disposed of
• Planted grass, trees and flowers according to set instructions provided by the head gardener
• Applied mulch to designated areas and pulled weeds around bushes and flowers
• Operated lawnmowers to perform grass cutting and shaping work
• Performed preventative and regular maintenance on equipment and tools such as mowers and clippers

High School Diploma
Lindsborg High School, Lindsborg, KS – 2002