Golf Course Maintenance Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: November 3, 2016

You may never have thought of one thing regarding interviews for golf course maintenance worker position – they are a great learning process.


The fact that you know exactly what the next interview is going to put you through, is enough to want to appear for a current one.

So even if you do not manage to ace the present one, you will know enough to ace the next one!

Let’s help you ace both:


Golf Course Maintenance Interview Questions and Answers

How do you feel about physical work associated with working at a golf course?
I enjoy the great outdoors. The physical work does not bother me. The fact that I enjoy working outdoors which is why I have chosen to work as a golf course maintenance worker.

What specific duties have you performed as a golf course maintenance worker in the past?
Apart from the usual weeding and planting duties, I have been actively involved in handling landscaping duties by following golf course layout plans. Preventative maintenance on both the golf course and the equipment used to perform maintenance work was another part of my work. In addition to this, I handled pesticide and fertilizer application processes along with maintaining clubhouse grounds.

What equipment and tools are you experienced in using?
Backpack blowers, weed eaters, edgers, push mowers, brush cutters, greens rollers, sod cutting machines and small to mid-sized lawn mowers are some of the equipment and tools that I am well-versed in using.

How is working as a maintenance worker on a golf course different than working as one elsewhere?
As far as grounds maintenance is concerned, the work isn’t much different on a golf course than anywhere else. The difference is perhaps in the expanse of a golf course, due to which one has to work extensively. Of course, there are different physical levels that you have to work on which adds to the challenge of working as a maintenance worker in a golf course setting.

What has been the toughest work that you have done as a golf course maintenance worker?
Working as a golf course maintenance worker, the most difficult thing that I have done is backfilling ditches and trenches by hand. While the work in itself is not hard to look at, it is a lot of physical hard work – perhaps the most difficult part of the whole physical deal.

As far as auxiliary work is concerned, how do you measure up?
For a golf course maintenance worker, working on the golf course is not the end of his or her job description. Apart from scheduling and performing preventative maintenance on equipment and tools, I have been responsible for managing inventory of both tools and supplies, and at times, maintained liaison with suppliers too.