6 Mold Maker Resume Objectives Examples

Updated January 22, 2020

The most important step in obtaining a mold maker job is to create a resume. Equally important is to start your mold maker resume with a solid objective.

A well-written objective statement will decide if the hiring manager deems you a good person to hire for this role. As a mold maker, you need to list reasons for your suitability for the job in a resume objective.

Make your mold maker resume objective short and informative. Provide information regarding your knowledge of using and maintaining mold making tools and equipment. Concentrate on highlighting your skills in terms of constructing new tooling, setting up and calibrating equipment, and planning molds.

Your objective statement should reflect your knowledge of mold making work, which will ensure that the hiring manager takes your resume seriously. Make sure that your mold maker resume objective is not too long, and is lengthy just enough to pique the hiring manager’s interest.

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Mold Maker Resume Objectives Examples

1. Interested in obtaining a Mold Maker position at Greek International, which focuses on growth, development, and contribution. Exceptionally well-versed in inspecting critical areas machined as directed by lead mold maker. Deeply motivated to perform excellent mold making tasks, by focusing on quality, and meeting deadlines.

2. To obtain a Mold Maker position with EG Industries. Offering excellent skills in designing and creating silicone molds. Effectively able to utilize CNC machines, and 3D printers as mold masters. Demonstrated expertise in computing and verifying dimensions, sizes, shapes, and tolerance levels of workpieces.

3. Seeking a Mold Maker position at Fathom Industries. Leveraging well-developed skills in building mold prototypes. Excellent knowledge of conducting full-cycle molds. Proven ability to prepare molds for heat treating, finish grinding, and fitting purposes.

4. Looking for a position in the field of mold making, with an emphasis on quality work, and on-time deliverables. Presently interested in working as a Mold Maker for Westfall Technik Inc. Anticipating contributing by effectively setting up, and operating conventional and special purpose machines to fabricate tooling components.

5. Desire a Mold Maker position at Thompson Foundry, where I would like to contribute in terms of setting up and using mold making machines and tools. Hoping to utilize skills in determining customer specifications, and performing related calculations. Highly skilled in performing finishing work, and ensuring on-time deliverables.

6. Competent and skilled individual, currently seeking a Mold Maker job at Detail Mold and Manufacturing. Bringing a track record of ensuring molds and related equipment are manufactured and maintained to company standards. Excellent knowledge of performing in-press troubleshooting and resolving the die performance issues.


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