Foundry Worker Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated on: May 10, 2022
Foundry Worker Job Description

A foundry worker is responsible for working in a production unit.

Their main work is to perform a combination of tasks which includes melting metals and pouring them into molds.

In addition, a foundry worker is responsible for cleaning and assembling molds for the foundry where they work.

Usually, foundry workers are trained on the job, with many of them working through an apprenticeship program.

It is important for foundry workers to be aware of the risks associated with this work, and to follow specific safety guidelines throughout their shifts.

Since the main work of a foundry worker is to make casts for selling to manufacturing companies, it is important for them to know manufacturing procedures.

Moreover, it is imperative for foundry workers to understand how to handle machine operations, as this is a major part of their work.

To see what a foundry worker does on any given workday, have a look at the following list of duties particular to the job:

Foundry Worker Duties and Responsibilities

  • Take instructions from the foundry lead person to determine work processes
  • Weigh specified amounts of materials as needed by each project module
  • Operate and calibrate machinery to make it process-ready
  • Use various hand tools such as grinders and mallets
  • Work with dies using wrenches, bolts, and tap screws
  • Ensure that ventilation procedures are followed throughout the procedure
  • Charge melting furnaces with proper alloys
  • Ensure proper melting by adjusting temperatures and performing degassing
  • Assemble flasks and water and mix sand
  • Shovel sand into flasks, and compacts sand in flasks
  • Spray binders on surfaces of sand molds, and dry surfaces using blowtorches
  • Skim slag from molten metal surfaces by making proper use of scoops
  • Install and remove steel jackets and bands used for holding snap molds together
  • Sort casting into pairs, and pull reinforcing wires from castings
  • Remove castings from molds and place them on setting rings
  • Direct high-pressure streams of water onto castings to clean them
  • Break up used sand molds using bars, and shovel sand into drying ovens
  • Carefully track the temperature gauges and colors
  • Adjust dials and gauges to ensure proper heat distribution
  • Build sand molds for casting purposes
  • Perform preventative and regular maintenance on melting and mold machines
  • Ensure that all work areas are properly cleaned and maintained

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