Payroll Accountant Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 28, 2018

Payroll accountants ensure that employees within an organization are paid on time. They determine their salaries by processing time sheets and vacation accruals and ensure that there is no hassle for workers at the end of the month.

Payroll accountants are required to possess a strong accounting background and experience to back it up.

This information is especially important when written in a cover letter as it gives a would-be employer a reason to call you for an interview.


Payroll Accountant Cover Letter Example


Hudson Hornet

200 Elaine Drive, New City, NY 63111
(199) 111-1111, hudson @ email . com

September 25, 2018

Mr. Sean Ray, Manager Human Resources
338 Sharon Drive
New City, NY 11112


Dear Mr. Ray:

Performance – Accuracy – Results. These are only three of the several documented characteristics I would bring to Asphalt in the role of a Payroll Accountant. I boast of nine years of success in managing payroll accounting activities at Core Technologies

I offer the following attributes to your organization:

✓ Keen Accounting Acumen with an exceptional ability to manage bi-weekly, weekly and monthly payrolls

✓ An expert strategist with a sound comprehension of compiling statistical and payroll data for the purpose of managing reports

✓ Direct experience in monitoring assigned payroll activities and program components

✓ Absolute understanding of ensuring compliance with established financial and administrative requirements of the company

That is not all. Since I have had considerable experience in payroll accounting systems, I am expert in preparing a vast array of payroll related documents such as timesheets, withholding information, employee contributions and stipends. When it comes to accuracy, I am a very thorough individual; reconciling payroll account balances in order to maintain accuracy is something I make sure is done on a constant basis.

My methodical nature enables me to ensure that no discrepancies are evident in the payroll system. In the event of an inconsistency, I am able to make sure that it is resolved on an immediate basis. I am also proficient in managing garnishments, leave balances, levies and involuntary contributions which prove to be instrumental in handling compliance procedures effectively.

I would enjoy meeting with you to further discuss my candidacy as a Payroll Accountant. I will call you next week to continue our discussion. If you need any further information regarding my eligibility for this position, please feel free to contact me at (000) 111-2541.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Hudson Hornet

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