Entry Level Mining Resume No Experience

Updated: January 21, 2023

No experience as a miner? No problem!

You can still write a great Entry Level Mining Resume to apply for a mining position even if you have no experience to boast.

You may have to be a little clever in how you present information on your professional side. Let us help you.

When writing a resume to obtain a mining position, make sure that you offer the right information regarding your knowledge of the work.

Sell yourself as someone who is perfect for the job, in spite of having no experience.

Talk about your mining skills and knowledge as much as you can.

To see what you can write in a resume for a mining position, have a look at the following sample:

Sample Entry Level Mining Resume With No Experience

Ryan Lucas
6400 Pine Street, Athens, GA 23553
(000) 957-5847


Hardworking, enthusiastic, and resourceful individual, seeking employment as a miner at ABC Company. Bringing exceptional skills in setting up and calibrating mining equipment, clearing work areas, and ensuring safety measures. and handling specific mining tasks as instructed by the supervisor.

High School Diploma
St. Paul’s High School, Athens, GA 

Award and Honors
• Honored for consistently obtaining academic achievement throughout high school years.
• Received Student of the Year trophy for exceptional school representation across the state.
• Remained on top of the class in terms of grades for 2 years in a row, owing to excellent academic progress.
• Highlighted as the only student to obtain all A grades in the high school final year.

• Equipment Setup and Calibration
• Preventative Maintenance
• Safe Explosives Use
• Drilling Standards Compliance
• Levels Adjusting
• Gauges Handling
• Safety Measures


Coeur Mining, Athens, GA
Sep 2022 – Jan 2023
• Cleared work areas in order to prepare them for drilling and mining work
• Set up and calibrated mining machines, in accordance with instructions
• Ensured that mining equipment was properly placed, and in good working order
• Checked fluids such as engine oil and hydraulic oil
• Assisted in handling and using blasting materials such as explosives
• Picked up and stored materials and equipment at the end of each day
• Assisted in the loading and unloading of materials from trucks

• Mining Applications
• MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
• Internet and Email


• Volunteered services at Sava Senior Care for 6 months
• Led a team of volunteers to help out at 3 local orphanages, for 3 years

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