Coal Mining Resume Sample

Updated on: September 6, 2019

Coal mining sounds adventurous but it is a lot of hard work as well.

When you apply for the position, you have to make sure that you offer the right information regarding your abilities and skills.


Specifically, you must ensure that your resume focuses on your knowledge of setting up, calibrating, and using mining equipment and tools in order to extract coal and ore from mines.

In your resume, be sure to mention that you have had previous experience and that you can handle difficult jobs.

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Here is a resume sample for a coal miner position that you can emulate:



Coal Mining Resume Sample



Sebastian Buffay
564 Rogers Road, Macon, GA54102
(000) 201-8545


Physically dexterous individual, with extensive skills in using machines and equipment in order to perform mining work. Exceptionally talented in operating mounted and unmounted equipment such as power drills. Highly skilled in ensuring the safety of staff members, as well as equipment and tools.

• Successfully met mining deadlines between the years 2015 and 2018.
• Trained 16 other miners in performing tasks, as part of their induction process.
• Implemented a unique machine calibration system, as a result, increased efficiency by 50%.
• Introduced a track layout process, thereby, decreased mining time by 45%.


• Machine Setup
• Inspection
• Drilling
• Tools and Equipment Use
• Preventative Maintenance
• Materials Examination
• Conformance of Safety Measures
• Coal Extraction


Coal Miner
Barrick Gold Corporation, Macon, GA| 2011-present

• Check instructions in order to determine mining work to be performed
• Clear work areas of debris and other hazardous materials
• Set up and calibrate mining machines and equipment
• Layout tracks in accordance with set instructions
• Use equipment and tools to drill planned and directed shot patterns
• Maintain berms and scale mine workings according to instruction
• Perform drilling and digging tasks
• Drill holes in coal deposits and perform controlled explosions
• Perform preventative and regular maintenance on mining equipment

Coal Miner Assistant
Coal Mining Solutions, Macon, GA |2009-2011

• Set up and calibrated mining equipment at the beginning of each shift
• Assisted in slicing coal seams in order to deposit coal
• Dug holes and filled them with explosives in order to perform controlled explosions
• Shoveled shattered materials into mine cars and conveyors
• Used picks and shovels to mine coal and ore

High School Diploma
Macon High School, Macon, GA – 2009

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