Mining Hard Skills List for Resume

Updated on: October 21, 2021

Unless you are a skilled miner, there are very few chances that you will be hired.

A hiring manager can overlook the fact that a miner is not experienced, but skills can never be ignored.

In a mining resume, make sure that you offer the right information regarding your ability to perform mining work.

Choose a format that has the skills section in it. Make use of this section to highlight the many reasons that you are an excellent person to hire.

For instance, highlight your ability to determine the type of machinery, and what tools will be required to perform specific mining tasks.

You should also offer information regarding your knowledge of calibrating and maintaining assigned machines and tools.

It is important to remember that the skills section of your resume will be deeply scrutinized. Hence, you have to make sure that it is perfectly managed.

Here are some skills statements that you can write in a miner resume:

Sample Hard Skills for Mining Resume

• Demonstrated ability to set up and inspect mining equipment and tools.
• Effectively able to calibrate machines in order to ensure that they work according to specifications.
• Knowledge of checking tools requirements and making arrangements to acquire them.
• Exceptionally well-versed in checking machine fluids, fuel, and engine and hydraulic oils.
• Proficient in using and maintaining equipment such as drills, scalers, man-lifts, and haul trucks.
• Adept at maintaining safe working areas through effectively implementing safety precautions.
• Talented in utilizing drilling equipment to drill and dig holes.
• Proven ability to make arrangements for explosives to be used for mining purposes.
• Solid track record of effectively maintaining berms and scale mine workings.
• Qualified to sample drill cuttings for lab analysis purposes.
• Unmatched ability to visually examine materials and products in order to ensure high quality.
• In-depth knowledge of clearing and leveling benches as instructed.
• Hands-on experience of charging and shooting explosives and air charges in order to blast down or loosen materials.
• Skilled in laying tracks in order to accommodate mine cars and mounted equipment.
• Experienced in mining ore, coal, and rock by using picks and shovels.
• Expert in bringing coal to the surface, and transporting it safely.
• Ability to repair and maintain assigned equipment, machines, and tools.
• Deeply familiar with loading coal and other materials onto conveyor belts in order to facilitate movement.
• Well-versed in implementing and following set safety rules and regulations.

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