Smallgoods Maker Job Description

Updated on: July 27, 2017

Position Overview

Smallgoods makers or butchers work for dedicated meat shops where their main work is to select, cut, trim and prepare meats for sale and supply purposes.

Working at this position means that you have to possess a great deal of knowledge of popular meat cuts, marinating techniques, and storage protocols, so that the end product reaches the customer in a manner consistent with quality standards.

As a smallgoods maker, you will be responsible for ensuring that the equipment and machinery that you use is properly cleaned and maintained once you are done with your work.


Working as a smallgoods maker requires a high school diploma or an equivalence certificate at the very least. If working in Australia, you might be asked to obtain an AQF certificate before you are considered eligible to work at this position.

Some experience in a meat or deli setting will come in handy when working as a smallgoods maker, but many employers do provide on the job training as well. It is imperative for people working at this position to not be squeamish about working with meat cuts, and performing cutting and boning work, as this will be something that they will be doing on a regular basis.


Smallgoods Maker Duties and Responsibilities


• Prepare meats for commercial selling purposes, by removing bones, trimming fat and performing mincing and grinding activities to shape and size meat blocks

• Crumb cuts of meat according to specified instructions, and perform marinating, seasoning and curing work on special meat cuts

• Select the right size and types of meats according to the specifications provided by end customers or restaurants

• Produce seasonings and pickles by mixing spices, salt and other ingredients part of the recipe

• Operate sausage filling machines, smoking chambers and cooking vats, and ensure that they are cleaned and maintained on a regular basis

• Provide advice and suggestions to end customers and restaurant managers on the suitability and use of specific meat cuts

• Ascertain that all cutting, cubing and marinating activities are performed by following set hygiene and sanitary protocols of the company

• Monitor meat stock and create and maintain effective liaison with meat suppliers to ensure quick and timely delivery

• Operate and maintain machinery and equipment such as meat grinders, mixers and mincers

• Make sauces according to specified recipes and add ingredients to meat cuts for flavoring purposes