Dog Handler Resume Sample

Updated on: July 18, 2022

How successful have your resumes for the dog handler positions been in the past? 
Have you received many interview offers?
Any job offers?

If your answer is “not many,” you will need to look into how you crafted your resume. 

Get more interviews by using the following dog handler CV/Resume sample:

Sample Resume for Dog Handler Position

Arthur Clark
10 Robertson Street | Dalton, GA 69125
(000) 122-5412 


Passionate dog lover with 5+ years’ extensive experience in handling both pedigreed dogs and those without labels. Exceptionally well-versed in learning the common behaviors of each assigned dog and managing them accordingly. A responsible and attentive individual who is proficient in training assigned dogs to behave in appropriate manners. 

• Using basic obedience commands for manners reminders.
• Detecting and discouraging overly excited, aggressive, and inappropriate behavior.
• Ensuring the physical and emotional safety of assigned dogs, placing special focus on the delivery of care.

✓ Social Time Monitoring ✓ Toilet Training
✓ Obedience Management ✓ Rewarding Systems
✓ Record-Keeping ✓ Canine Nutrition
✓ Facility Disinfection ✓ Equipment Operations
✓ Allergy Management ✓ Disease Control
✓ Medicine Administration ✓ Training Support

• Introduced a rewards program in the dog training session, resulting in decreased training time.
• Successfully controlled a disease outbreak within the facility, by recognizing early signs of disease in a dog and timely quarantining her.
• Devised a dog record-keeping system, which was considered 65% more efficient than the one already in place.
• Developed and implemented a canine nutrition plan, which resulted in decreased health issues.


Dog Handler
Best Pets, Dalton, GA
6/2017 – Present
• Greet dogs and dog owners and inquire into their dog handling requirements.
• Assess assigned dogs to determine their behavior and specific characteristics.
• Create and implement particular care programs for each assigned dog, depending on their needs.
• Perform bathing and grooming activities on assigned dogs to ensure their physical well-being.
• Walk dogs and ensure that they participate in assigned recreational activities.
• Clean dogs’ dwellings and ensure that they are properly sanitized on a regular basis.
• Monitor dogs for inconsistent behavior and report any abnormalities to their owners.
• Administer medication to unwell dogs, in accordance with vets’ instructions.

Dog Sitter
Dogs Home, Dalton, GA
2/2014 – 5/2017
• Walked assigned dogs on designated routes, paying special attention to their physical wellbeing.
• Fed dogs appropriate dog food and cook food according to their specific requirements.
• Performed grooming activities to ensure that assigned dogs are kept clean and maintained.
• Ensured that dogs’ kennels were properly cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis.
• Oversaw dogs’ behaviors and ensured that any causes of concern were immediately communicated to their owners.

High School Diploma
Dalton High School, Dalton, GA | 2011

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