Chaperone Resume Sample

Updated on: March 5, 2018


A chaperone resume is a great avenue to get the point across that you are an excellent choice for a Chaperone job.

And the best way that you can do this is by following a resume sample like the one provided below:




Chaperone Resume Example



Tara Grey
177 Green Road | Norman, OK50231
(000) 999-9999 | [Email]


Responsible, capable, and reliable individual, with over 6 years of experience of working in a chaperone role. Effectively able to look after clients of different ages, keeping in mind their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Works well in a team-oriented and busy setting to achieve the goals of the company.

• Demonstrated expertise in ensuring that proper provisions are made to secure children’s health, safety, and welfare.
• Effectively able to maintain discipline, and see that established regulations are followed.
• Proven ability to handle emergencies associated with clients, including accidents and injuries.
• Track record of using conflict resolution and mediation skills to assist wards with problems.


• Interaction Facilitation • Conflict Resolution • Discipline Maintenance
• Emergency Response • Filed Trips Support • Curfew Enforcement
• Child Protection • Communication • Behavioral Management
• Mentoring • Schedule Adherence • Risk Management

• Successfully chaperoned 5 children aged 7, on a school trip to another city, without a single untoward incident transpiring.
• Implemented a child protection system, which was 85% more secure than the one already in place.
• Introduced a behavioral management program, which was exceptionally well-placed.
• Led a team of newly hired chaperones through a rigorous training session, as part of their induction.


ELS Education System, Norman, OK |2013 – Present
• Engage assigned children or young adults in conversation to determine their personalities.
• Familiarize self with routines and schedules, ensuring that assigned wards are kept in check during each routine.
• Oversee the behavior of childfren on field trips, proms, and other events, and communicate any problems to parents or the management.
• Keep assigned wards within behavioral limitations, by providing them with information on established protocols.
• Monitor children while on trips or events, ensuring that any untoward incidents do not transpire.
• Ascertain that headcounts are maintained and that all wards are instructed to stay in the same place.
• Manage emergencies such as accidents, injuries, or health problems by employing skills in First Aid and CPR.
• Ascertain that any litter thrown around by chaperoned children is picked up, encouraging them to do the same.

Babysitter Corp, Norman, OK | 2011 – 2013
• Interacted with children to determine their specific likes and dislikes.
• Provided support to parents by looking after their children’s needs, such as bathing, toileting, washing, and grooming.
• Assisted children in partaking their food, and ensured that nutritious food was cooked for them.
• Provided homework assistance, and helped with special school projects.
• Accompanied children to parties and other events.

Norman High School, Norman, OK – 2009
High School Diploma