Safety Watch Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: March 5, 2018


There are many different ways of writing a safety watch cover letter. Sometimes what one wants to communicate gets lost because one is concentrating on the various letter-writing ways.

The trick is to keep on top of the game.

Make sure that you write your cover letter in a manner which is acceptable to the hiring manager.

How will you know?

If you research who is going to read your cover letter, and what he wants in an employee, you will not have any issues with writing one.

Look through the job description provided by a hiring manager. If you do this before you sit down to write your cover letter, you will gain many ideas on what to write.

Since your main point is to make sure that your cover letter communicates your abilities and qualifications, you need to concentrate on making your cover letter a good read.

Here is a sample to help you:


Safety Watch Cover Letter Example



March 5, 2018

Mr. Curt Turner
Human Resource Manager
HSE Integrated
300 Nottingham Road
Broken Arrow, OK12244


Dear Mr. Turner:

Anticipating that I will contribute to the HSE Integrated in the capacity of Safety Watch, I urge you to go through my resume and professional profile (both enclosed) with this letter.

As a safety watch, I have been actively involved in creating and implementing safety strategies to ensure that workers are not prone to hazards of any type. My comprehension of safety measures and an inherent ability to formulate plans to ensure that safety of people and equipment is not compromised is phenomenal. Moreover, I am a great investigator, which allows me to determine suspicious or potentially hazardous conditions.

Sharing concerns through a variety of media such as phone, email, and wireless communication devices, is my niche, and I excel at using sophisticated equipment for information sharing purposes. Moreover, I am exceptionally talented in monitoring remote alarm systems and possess clear communication abilities.

Since I am a trained safety watch, I will need to familiarize myself with new systems at HSE Integrated Ltd. only a little, allowing you to gain benefit from my work immediately. I will call you soon to determine what time and day suits you for an interview. In the meantime, I can be reached at (222) 2222-2222.




Mark Brown

Enc: (Resume)