Carpet Installer Resume Sample and Guidance

Updated on: January 2, 2021

You only need to do a little bit of extra effort if you want your Carpet Installer resume to win an interview.

This effort involves the company and position-related research, good content writing, and choosing a format that communicates with an employer.

Also, you should use an easily-read resume format so that employers do not have too much trouble when navigating them.

For your reference, here is a resume sample for a carpet installer position:

Sample Resume for Carpet Installer Position

David Smit
7 Grove Street, Essex Junction, VT 55550 
(000) 142-4745 
davesmith @ email . com


A physically agile individual with 8+ years of experience working as a carpet installer in both commercial and residential settings. Highly skilled in performing cutting and trimming duties to fit carpets into hard to reach places, with exceptional focus on neatness and durability of work.

•  Deep expertise in inspecting surfaces to be covered determine their conditions and correct ant imperfections that may hinder carpet installations.
• First-hand experience in accurately measuring and cutting rolls of the carpet by following set floor sketches.
• Extremely well-versed in planning carpet layouts and efficiently placing seams for good aesthetic appearance and long-term wear.
• Deeply familiar with calculating the area to be covered and carpet materials required by performing accurate measurements.

• Area Inspection
• Measurements
• Carpet Cutting/Shaping
• Layout Planning
• Imperfections Correction
• Work Area Preparation


Carpet Installer | 11/2016 – Present
Shaw Industries, Essex Junction, VT
• Install new carpeting in a large 3-story commercial building within one workday.
• Introduce the use of power stretcher which increased carpet stretching efficiency by 88%.
• Inspect floor to be covered and ensure that it is properly cleared of any imperfections or debris
• Look through floor plans to determine the size of carpet cover required
• Consult with clients to determine their choice of carpets and provide them with feedback on what will work best
• Roll out and measure carpet rolls to ensure that it is properly marked and cut using carpet scissors
• Trim cut carpets to allow for expected traffic patterns and place seams in an aesthetic manner

Carpet Installer | 8/2008 – 11/2016
ABC Company, Essex Junction, VT
• Implemented an imperfections correction system, which decreased the time it took to determine imperfections and correct them by a staggering 75%.
• Suggested the use of I-Measure, an instrument used especially for carpet and flooring work, resulting in a 50% decrease in measurement time.
• Planned the layout of the carpet and install it accordingly, making sure that all corners and edges are properly placed and trimmed
• Used adhesive and tape to install carpets properly
• Ensured that any residue is cleaned up properly
• Calculated and presented the total cost of materials and labor to the customer

Carpet Installer Apprentice | 2/2007 – 8/2008
Fisher Carpet and Floorings, Essex Junction, VT
• Cleaned areas where carpets need to be installed and remove any hazardous materials from it
• Measured areas to be carpeted and obtain carpet rolls and materials accordingly
• Assisted in rolling out carpets, cutting and trimming them and installing them on designated areas
• Kept account of tools used in carpet installation procedures and performed maintenance on them
• Assisted in ripping off old carpeting and flooring and preparing surfaces for new ones

High School Diploma
Essex Junction High School, Essex Junction, VT